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Assistant Teaching Professor Krispin Barr Receives the Jenny Chang Award for Outstanding Student Service

Assistant Teaching Professor Krispin Barr won the Jenny Chang Award for Outstanding Student Service

Krispin Barr, an assistant teaching professor of higher education in the NC State College of Education, has been awarded the NC State Student Government’s Jenny Chang Award for Outstanding Student Service. 

“I’m just so grateful for this award because I love working with students and always hope they will feel supported and affirmed in everything I do,” Barr said. “I appreciate that the students and I share something special at NC State through our love for this university, which makes it all even more joyful and rewarding.” 

Barr said the most rewarding part of working with students is having the opportunity to get to know them on a personal level. It’s important to her, she said, to understand her students’ talents and gifts and help them find ways to use their experiences in the College of Education to work toward positive change in their careers and lives. 

Students have felt the impact of Barr’s ability to build interpersonal relationships, citing her advocacy, support, guidance, compassion and willingness to go above and beyond in finding opportunities for learning and development for them in their nomination letters. 

“From the very beginning, even before I committed to NC State, Dr. Barr took a personal interest in my success and that has only continued during my time here,” said Samantha Stopper, a graduate student in the Higher Education Administration master’s program. “Day in and day out, she shows her care and concern for us not only as students but, more importantly, as human beings. I know that, at any point, I could go to her, and she would provide support in any way she could. She never fails to put us first, and I can attribute so much of my success in this program and field to her service and leadership.”