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Assistant Teaching Professor Nolan Fahrer Receives International Technology and Engineering Educators Association’s Emerging Leader Distinction

Nc State College of Education Teaching Assistant Professor Nolan Fahrer

Nolan Fahrer ‘09MS, ‘19EDD, an assistant teaching professor of technology, engineering, and design education at the NC State College of Education, has been recognized by the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association’s (ITEEA) Emerging Leader Recognition Program.

The Emerging Leader distinction recognizes technology, innovation, design and engineering educators who have demonstrated a high level of competence and professional activity in the field. The program was established to acknowledge outstanding performance and accomplishments in delivering technology and engineering education and the essential principles of adult learning.

“This recognition is special to me because this designation is bestowed upon me by my peers in the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association,” Fahrer said.

During his time as a teacher educator, Fahrer said it has been important to him to help students understand and model core high-leverage teaching practices.

The project he is most proud of thus far in his career, he said, is the research he conducted with pre-service teachers in order to develop and evaluate rubrics used to assess the quality of their teaching practices in STEM education.

“It helped inform important discussions about developments in the teacher preparation field that pertains to pre-service teacher assessment and evaluation,” he said. “My passion is helping our students develop into highly successful teachers who will go on to impact their own students’ lives.”