#WhyIChoseEducation: ‘The Amazing Teachers I Had Consistently Encouraged, Pushed and Supported Me,’ Says Director of Advising and Recruitment Tremaine Brittian ’07MED

Tremaine Brittian

This is part of a monthly “Why I Chose Education” series in which NC State College of Education alumni, students, faculty and staff share why they chose education.

Tremaine Brittian ’07MED has been a permanent fixture on the NC State campus for more than a decade. Her journey began as an undergraduate majoring in textile management. She went on to obtain a Master of Education in counselor education before serving as an academic advisor in the NC State College of Education and now director of advising and recruitment. Brittian earned the 2020 NC State University Advising Administrator Award for her outstanding work in the college.

When Brittian isn’t on campus, you can find her watching sports, especially her beloved Wolfpack, spending time with her dog, doing yard work, traveling or exploring new restaurants around the Triangle with family and friends. She shares why she chose education, how education influenced her and what she enjoys most about her job.

Why I Chose Education: Because of the amazing teachers I had that consistently encouraged, pushed and supported me. They recognized my potential, placing me in situations and environments that allowed me to display my strengths and cultivated me into a leader and professional. I also chose education because of the support and guidance I received from the NC State staff when I was an undergraduate. As a first-generation and minority student at NC State, I saw and felt the impact of their support and wanted to do the same for students like me.

Why I Chose the NC State College of Education: Because it is a small college environment and I have the opportunity to really get to know the students I work with and play a significant role in their growth, development and NC State experience.

How Education Has Shaped Me: Education has allowed me to have experiences that my grandparents and great grandparents were not able to achieve. I have been able to travel throughout the United States and to other countries, and meet people at NC State that have expanded my view of the world, history and life. Education has shaped me into an inclusive being who is passionate and concerned about equitable access to education, especially higher education.

What I Enjoy the Most About Being Part of the NC State College of Education: The students! It is a joy to work with such passionate and engaged students that want to change the world.

The Last Thing I Saw That Inspired Me: I saw a quote on Instagram that really stuck with me. I am not sure of the author. “You know what it takes to shine like a star? A lot of darkness,” via @thepropertyowl.