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Nada Wafa ’11, ’19MS, ’22PHD: I Knew This Was the Place Where I Could Grow, Personally and Professionally

Nada Wafa

The NC State College of Education will graduate 157 students Dec. 19, 2019. This is part of a series of profiles with some members of the Class of 2019 who will walk cross the stage this December. 

Name: Nada Wafa ’11, ’19MS, ’22PHD

Hometown: Raleigh, N.C.

Area of Study: Curriculum and Instruction: New Literacies and Global LearningAn image stating "NC State College of Education Class of 2019"

Activities (Research or Extracurricular): Research: Global education, inquiry-based learning and Innovative Technology Integration. Other: Phi Kappa Phi; research assistant.

Why did you choose the NC State College of Education? I chose NC State’s College of Education because of the strong relationships that I built through undergrad with faculty. I knew that NC State’s College of Education would prepare me well for what I would like to do in the future. In addition, the College of Education always felt like a second home to me. I knew this was the place where I could grow, personally and professionally. The hands-on research experiences and support gained from the College of Education is immense, and I am truly grateful for every opportunity I had throughout the years at NC State’s College of Education.

Why did you choose your area of study? My teaching experience was composed of international schools and I value the aspect of global learning. When the [New Literacies and Global Learning] program was initiated, I was looking more into it and was intrigued by expanding my own knowledge on what global learning is and what new literacies are composed of in the field of education.

What’s your next step after graduation? My next step is to complete my Ph.D. and gain more valuable experiences working alongside, what I believe to be, the greatest faculty in the nation at NC State’s College of Education.

Tell us about an experience you had with the NC State College of Education that had the biggest impact on you. There are many experiences that I’ve had with the College of Education that have impacted my career choice. Overall, the field experiences, meetings with faculty and colleagues and the relationships built with faculty are the most prominent experiences that have impacted my choice of career. I aspire to be like them, and they are the best role models to have in the field of education.