Alumna Wins NCSTA Best Student Teacher in Science Education Award

NC State Memorial Belltower

Recent College of Education graduate Jana LaBrose has won the 2017 North Carolina Science Teachers Association’s Best Student Teacher in Science Education Award. The award recognizes students or recent graduates who demonstrated outstanding ability as well as promise in the teaching of science during the student teaching process.

LaBrose graduated in May 2017 with an undergraduate degree in science education. She completed her student teaching at Corinth Holders High School in Wendell, North Carolina, and currently teaches biology at Lake Norman High School in Mooresville, North Carolina.

Jana LaBrose
Jana LaBrose

“I felt nervous going into my first semester of teaching, but I did feel prepared with strategies and material from my student teaching experience as well as my time in my education classes at NC State,” LaBrose said. “Receiving this award gave me confidence in my abilities as a teacher in my own classroom, especially on those harder days when nothing seems to go right.​”

Penny Shumaker Jeffrey, a teaching assistant professor in the College of Education, says that the award was a well deserved recognition for LaBrose.

“Being a college student has social and emotional demands, and becoming a teacher that has the potential to influence hundreds of childrens’ lives adds an extra complexity,” Jeffrey said. “During Jana’s time in her professional student teaching semesters, she exemplified dedication, professionalism and leadership in student teaching.”

LaBrose was honored for her achievements during the N.C. Science Teachers Association’s Professional Development Institute in October.