Counselor Education Program

Since 1946, the Counselor Education Program at North Carolina State University has had a long and rich history of contributing the needs of North Carolina and the nation. The Counselor Education Program aims to produce culturally competent counselors and counselor educators who work collaboratively to help children, adults and families, and build healthier communities. In addition to a counseling lab in the program, the new Community Counseling, Education and Research Center in downtown Raleigh provides quality clinical counseling services to the community and excellent opportunities for practical experiences for our students. At present, we offer graduate programs of study at the certificate, master’s and doctoral level. Our master’s level programs have a 37.5% ethnic minority presence. Our doctoral level program has a 37% ethnic minority presence.

For more detailed information regarding the current student body, completion rates, job placement rates, and exam pass rates, please review our current Vital Statistics Report.

A summary of evaluations for Graduating Masters Level Students, Masters Level Internship Site Supervisors, and Alumni Employers can be found below.


The Program offers the three master’s degrees in college, clinical mental health, and school counseling are offered as on-campus and online deliveries. Students may choose one of these two delivery options. Both the on-campus and online platforms require the completion of identical 60 credits curricular requirements.

If you want a flexible learning experience, the online delivery may be right for you. Our innovative online delivery requires the students to study from Moodle, an online learning platform as well as to meet weekly in a live web conference session for a variety of learning activities including counseling practice, role-plays, and presentations.

China Study Abroad Program 2019

This program will prepare graduates and upper-level undergraduates as multiculturally competent educators, professionals and leaders. Based in Beijing, China, students will explore the educational system and practice, or social and cultural issues, through an independent research project. Students will engage with students from Beijing Normal University and Beijing Royal School in China to collaborate on projects, and will visit these schools and the community while in country. Students will participate in assessment, evaluation, intervention and research activities as a part of this program. The program will also visit Xian, including the Terracotta Warriors.

Deadline: TBD.


  • Siu-Man Raymond Ting, Professor, Director of Graduate Programs, Program Coordinator, and Coordinator of the College Counseling and Student Development Program, Counselor Education, ELPHD Department
  • Stanley Baker, Professor of Counselor Education, Counselor Education Program, Coordinator of the School Counseling Program, Adviser to the Nu Sigma Chi Chapter of the Chi Sigma Iota Counseling and Academic Honor Society International, ELPHD Department
  • Marc Grimmett, Associate Professor, Coordinator of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program, Counselor Education, ELPHD Department
  • Sylvia Nassar, Professor, Doctoral Program Coordinator, Counselor Education, ELPHD Department
  • Edwin Gerler, Professor, Counselor Education, ELPHD Department
  • Angela Smith, Teaching Associate Professor, Counselor Education, ELPHD Department
  • Adria Shipp-Dunbar, Assistant Professor, Counselor Education, ELPHD Department
  • Jose Picart, Senior Faculty Fellow, Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, Professor of Counselor Education, ELPHD Department and Executive Director, Wake Partnership for Postsecondary Success
  • Helen Lupton-Smith, Teaching Assistant Professor, Clinical Coordinator, Counselor Education, ELPHD Department
  • Cristina Braga, Teaching Assistant Professor, Counselor Education, ELPHD Department
  • Nicole Childs, Teaching Assistant Professor, Counselor Education, ELPHD Department
  • Sharon Chung, Teaching Assistant Professor, Counselor Education, ELPHD Department