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Jul 12, 2024

‘It Made Me Grow in Ways I Didn’t Think I Would Be Able To:’ Teachers Become Leaders in Mathematics Education Through Five-year North Carolina High School Master Mathematics Teacher Fellows Program

As the five-year North Carolina High School Master Mathematics Teacher Fellows program comes to an end, several participating teachers are reflecting on the way the opportunity changed their approach to teaching. 

May 21, 2024

Why Is It Important for Students to Understand How Scientific Decisions are Made? ‘If You Don’t Understand How Scientists Decide What Makes One Claim More Believable, Then It’s Actually Very Hard to Understand Science,’ Says STEM Education Department Head William Sandoval

For William Sandoval, head of the Department of STEM Education in the NC State College of Education, when preparing K-12 students to engage with real-world science, developing the skills to become career scientists is not nearly as important as helping them to engage with the science that will occur all around them in their everyday lives. 

May 14, 2024

Assistant Professor of STEM Education Tamecia Jones Aims to Create Equitable Assessments, Improve Assessment of Engineering Skills through NSF CAREER Grant

Assistant Professor of STEM Education Tamecia Jones is hoping to remove biases from assessments and create a framework to better capture the multidimensional nature of engineering through her work on a five-year, $650,000 National Science Foundation CAREER grant project. 

Dan Kelly CAREER grant

May 7, 2024

Assistant Professor of Technology, Engineering, and Design Education Daniel Kelly Uses CAREER Grant to Blend Robotics and Social-emotional Learning to Improve Education for Students in the Juvenile Justice System

Assistant Professor of Technology, Engineering, and Design Education Daniel Kelly is using robotics to help students in the juvenile justice system understand their emotions while training pre-service teachers to work with this specialized population through his National Science Foundation CAREER grant. 

Hollylynne Lee

Apr 11, 2024

Distinguished University Professor of Mathematics and Statistics Education Hollylynne Lee Leads Team Named Finalist in 2023-24 Tools Competition

A team of developers at NC State and RTI International, led by Distinguished University Professor of Mathematics and Statistics Education Hollylynne Lee, are finalists in the Preparing for the 21st Century World track of the 2023-24 Tools Competition. 

Feb 29, 2024

Doctoral Student Brayan Diaz Explores Benefits of Screen-based vs. Paper-based Literacy Learning in Recently Published Article

Doctoral student Brayan Diaz is the lead author on a recently published article that explores the use and impact of digital tools on literacy education. 

Feb 20, 2024

Associate Professor K.C. Busch Receives NARST 2024 Early Career Research Award

Associate Professor K.C. Busch has been honored by the National Association for Research in Science Education with the 2024 Early Career Research Award. 

Math Teacher in Classroom

Nov 2, 2023

Pre-service Teachers Will Be Better Prepared to Use Technology in Secondary Mathematics Classrooms Through Grant-funded Project Led By Associate Dean Karen Hollebrands

NC State College of Education Associate Dean Karen Hollebrands, along with Assistant Professor Ruby Ellis and Friday Institute for Educational Innovation Senior Research Scholar Gemma Mojica, are ensuring future teachers are prepared with the skills to effectively use technology and lead discussions in mathematics classrooms through a new, grant-funded project. 

Math homework image.

Oct 23, 2023

Associate Teaching Professor Cyndi Edgington, Assistant Professors Robin Anderson and Ruby Ellis Will Prepare Pre-service Educators to Teach Mathematics in Diverse Settings Through Grant-funded Project

A group of faculty members in NC State’s College of Education are hoping to challenge the perception that mathematics teaching and learning is a one-size-fits-all approach through work on a new, grant-funded project. 

A photo of binary code

Oct 17, 2023

Professor Carla Johnson Partners with College of Engineering, International Companies to Prepare New Professionals for Careers in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science

NC State College of Education Professor Carla Johnson is partnering with several national and international companies to help diversify the STEM workforce by preparing more than 30 people for careers in data science and artificial intelligence (AI).