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Crystal Lee Chen

Aug 15, 2017

Meet Crystal Chen Lee: Critical Care for Self, Community & World is a Foundation for Learning Practices

"I chose the NC State College of Education because I find the collaborative and innovative environment at NC State as one that advances issues of diversity, access and social justice, a stance that I have embraced from a high school English teacher to a doctoral candidate," says the assistant professor of English education. 

Tamecia Jones

Aug 15, 2017

Meet Tamecia R. Jones: I Have Fun Trying to do Engineering with Kids

"I like the way kids' faces light up when they learn something or figure something out, and I do not like it when kids want to know how to do something but think that they cannot, for whatever reason," says the assistant professor of STEM Education. "I want to research assessment because I want it to be fair and efficient without negatively impacting the student experience." 

Spring flowers in front of Poe Hall.

Jun 30, 2017

EdWeek: What Can Make Black, Female Students Feel Valued? Having Black, Female Teachers.

Students feel happier, more valued, and more motivated when they have a teacher of the same race and gender as them, a new study from Assistant Professor Anna J. Egalite finds. 

Mar 21, 2017

Graduate Education Week | How Graduate Students’ Research Impacts Education

To coincide with NC State’s Graduate Education Week, which begins March 20, we talked to two doctoral students in the College of Education who recently presented at the 4th annual Scholar-Practitioner Symposium. 

New wolf statue on central campus.

Mar 15, 2017

Education Matters: Preparing the Next Generation of School Leaders

Bonnie Fusarelli, an NC State Faculty Scholar and director of the Northeast Leadership Academy, discusses the importance of principal preparation and development on the Public School Forum of North Carolina's "Education Matters." 

Students at Talley

Jul 21, 2016

Five Questions with Siu-Man Raymond Ting about Supporting International Students On Campus

Educators have a unique opportunity to promote global education and international understanding to their students. According to Siu-Man Raymond Ting, professor of counseling and director of the College of Education’s… 

Court of Carolina

Jul 8, 2016

Counselor Education Doctoral Student Awarded a $16,000 Research Grant

Aisha Al-Qimlass, a doctoral candidate in counselor education, recently received a $16,000 grant from the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences. The grant will help fund Aisha’s dissertation research,…