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Tag: Class of 2022

graduating student

May 6, 2022

To the College of Education Class of 2022: ‘As Educators, I Remind You and Encourage You to Keep Going, Take on New Challenges, and Continue to Have the Will to Win’

The NC State College of Education welcomed more than 420 new alumni during the Spring 2022 graduation Ceremony on May 6. View photos from the ceremony. 

Martia Williams

Apr 27, 2022

Martia Williams ’22: ‘I Chose Education and Will Continue to Choose Education Every Day Because of the Students’

At the NC State College of Education, Martia Williams was able to gain first-hand mathematics education research experience. Now, as she prepares to graduate, she is looking forward to continuing her journey as an educational researcher. 

Maggie Lally

Apr 27, 2022

Maggie Lally ’22: ‘I Chose Education to be a Positive Female Role Model in the World of Technology, Engineering, and Design Education’

Maggie Lally '22 decided she wanted to be a positive influence in creating inclusive spaces for students in technology, design and engineering classes. Now, she hopes to further her goals by earning her master's degree. 

Don Bui

Apr 27, 2022

Don Bui ’22: ‘Through the College of Education, I’ve Been Able to Become a Stronger and More Passionate Individual Who is Ready to Start Working in Both the Education and Digital Media Field’

Don Bui '22 has always had interest in STEM. Now, he's working on earning his teaching license and looking forward to a future career in digital media and education. 

Apr 27, 2022

Adam Brandt ’22PHD: ‘Education Never Gets Old, and There’s Always Something New to Find’

Adam Brandt ’22PHD believes he will never be done learning. When he was hearing his master’s degree, he realized that he wanted to be like the faculty members he was learning from and thought it would be exciting to earn a terminal degree in his field.  

Apr 27, 2022

Leon Borders ’22MSA: ‘Having the Opportunity to Witness the Impacts on Students, Parents and the Entire Community Continues to Motivate Me to Give More Abundantly’

Leon Borders ’22MSA believes education is a gift to humanity. After spending 15 years in the field, he wanted to have a bigger impact on students and the community through a role in educational leadership. 

jamison lowery

Apr 27, 2022

Jamison Lowery ’22MED: ‘So Much of My Tribe’s History is Soaked in Education as a Means of Survival. I See the Impact it has on Future Generations and it is My Duty to Help Support Those to Come Later’

This May, Jamison Lowery '22MED will graduate from the NC State College of Education with a Master of Education in Higher Education Administration, which he plans to use to impact the educational experience of Native students who leave their communities. 

Alliyah Rich

Apr 27, 2022

Scholarship Support Will Help Alliyah Rich ’22 Make a Difference in Lives of Elementary, Special Education Students

Ever since Alliyah Rich ’22 could remember, she wanted to be a teacher. After attending an open house at the NC State College of Education, she knew the close knit community… 

Becky Dorman

Apr 27, 2022

Becky Dorman ’22MED: ‘I Want to Foster Change in My District and Learn How to Better Support All My Students’

Becky Dorman '22MED took advantage of the lessons she learned through the Yadkin Wolfpack Literacy Partnership to provide a unique Walk for Water learning experience to her students. 

Allyson and Jason Sarnowski

Apr 27, 2022

Father, Daughter With Passion for STEM Education Will Share Graduation Day

Allyson Sarnowski '22 and Jason Sarnowski '22MED will both graduate from the College of Education this May, after Allyson, who is earning her bachelor's degree in science education, inspired her father to earn his Master of Education in STEM Education.