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Janine Bowen

New wolf statue on central campus.

Jun 15, 2020

NC State Students Help Underserved Students Share Their Stories Through Work with Literacy and Community Initiative

As the Literacy and Community Initiative releases reading guides to accompany books written by student authors throughout the community, NC State students reflect on the experiences they have had working with the program. 

Photo of math in the sand

Jun 5, 2020

UnPACKing K-5 Math for Caregivers: How Can Caregivers Approach Math from a Strength Perspective?

In the fourth installment of the UnPACKing K-5 Math for Caregivers videocast, Associate Dean for Research and Innovation Paola Sztajn, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics Education and Special Education Jessica Hunt, Ph.D. and Associate Professor of Mathematics Education Temple Walkowiak, Ph.D., discuss what it means to approach mathematics from a position of strength. 

Jun 1, 2020

Aspiring Superintendents Train Under Former Statewide, National Educational Leaders Through College of Education’s Educational Leadership Doctoral Program

This summer the College of Education will welcome its second cohort of aspiring superintendents into the Educational Leadership doctoral program, where future district leaders will have the opportunity to learn from three former state superintendents of public instruction as well as a former U.S. assistant secretary of education. 

Jun 1, 2020

Five Questions with the Educational Leadership Doctoral Program Instructors

Former State Superintendents of Public Instruction June Atkinson, Bill Harrison and Mike Ward as well as former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education Henry Johnson will all serve as professors in the Educational Leadership doctoral program, which welcomes its second cohort of students this summer. They share why they believe it’s important to help train the next generation of district leaders, why they chose the NC State College of Education and what they hope their students learn from them. 

Headshot of Carla C. Johnson

May 28, 2020

Professor Carla Johnson Leads the Development of First Handbook of Research on STEM Education, Featuring Contributions from College of Education Faculty

Several College of Education faculty members have contributed chapters in the recently released Handbook of Research on STEM Education, on which Professor Carla Johnson, Ed.D., served as lead editor. In addition to that work, Johnson has also helped pilot a new STEAM curriculum that is being piloted throughout China. 

Karen Hollebrands talks about how teachers can use technology in the classroom

May 15, 2020

Ask the Expert: How Can Teachers Use Technology in the Classroom? As a Tool to Enhance Instruction and Motivate Students, Says Professor Karen Hollebrands

Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor Karen Hollebrands, Ph.D., says that technology can be an important classroom tool to enhance mathematics instruction, but teachers must make sure they are choosing appropriate technological resources. 

NC State College of Education Associate Professor DeLeon Gray helps students on a computer

May 6, 2020

Associate Professor DeLeon Gray Aims to Help Mathematics Teachers Engage in Belonging-centered Instruction Through New Grant-funded Project

Associate Professor and University Faculty Scholar DeLeon Gray, Ph.D., is partnering with Montclair State University on a new grant-funded project that aims to identify the qualities of belonging-centered instruction in mathematics classrooms and provide teachers with a guide to equity-focused instruction. 

K.C. Busch

May 5, 2020

Assistant Professor K.C. Busch Aims to Help North Carolina Museums Improve Evaluation Practices Through New Grant-funded Project

Museums and science centers are an important setting for informal learning for residents of North Carolina. Assistant Professor K.C. Busch will help museums across the state be better able to demonstrate their value through her latest grant-funded project. 

Professor Jere Confrey authored Love Without Hugs to explain the coronavirus pandemic to her grandchildren

May 5, 2020

Professor Jere Confrey Writes Children’s Book, Love Without Hugs, to Explain Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic to Her Grandchildren

Professor Jere Confrey created a handmade book to help her grandchildren understand the coronavirus outbreak and why she was not able to hug them. Now, she has self-published the book, Love Without Hugs, to help families everywhere explain the pandemic to young children. 

woman working on laptop

Apr 29, 2020

North Carolina New Teacher Support Program Continues to Help Beginning Teachers Thrive While Working From Home, Says College of Education Coach Lindsay Lewis

As teachers across the country navigate the new online learning environment established in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many first-year teachers are struggling with balancing their emerging classroom skills with the need to shift to an entirely different educational format. North Carolina New Teacher Support Program Coach Lindsay Lewis, Ph.D., explains how the program is helping.