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Donors Make Record-breaking Number of Gifts to NC State’s College of Education on Day of Giving

Photo of student teacher working with elementary school student next to graphic: NC State Day of Giving 3.22.23 #GivingPack

On NC State’s fifth Day of Giving, donors made a record-breaking number of gifts to the NC State College of Education. 

In total, the college received 961 gifts, the most it has ever received on a Day of Giving and surpassing the next highest total of 808 gifts in 2022. These gifts allowed the College of Education to meet three separate challenge matches. 

When the college reached 500 gifts, a Raleigh couple gave $75,000 to support student scholarships, which inspired the NC State College of Education Board to give an additional $40,000 once the college surpassed 600 gifts. In addition, the W. Trent Ragland, Jr. Foundation donated $75,000 toward literacy initiatives when the college exceeded $150,000 in total donations.

“The outpouring of support we saw on Day of Giving speaks to the strength of NC State’s College of Education and the high regard that people have for it,” said Matt Friedrick, the college’s executive director of development. “We saw more gifts come in on this Day of Giving than any other, which I believe is a direct reflection of the increasingly extraordinary work being done by this college’s staff, faculty, students and alumni.”

Throughout the day, the College of Education community came together to support students and help prepare extraordinary educators, which also led the college to win at least three giving challenges:

  • Faculty and Staff Challenge: To win this challenge, faculty and staff made 475 gifts from 2-3 p.m., earning the college an additional $1,000 in challenge funds. That is the highest number of gifts ever made for the Faculty and Staff Gift Challenge since it began.
  • Pack Leader Recruitment Challenge: One hundred and thirty-four supporters signed up to be Pack Leaders, earning the college an extra $5,000 in challenge funds.
  • First-time Donor Challenge: Between 12-1 p.m., a new donor made a gift in support of the College of Education, earning the college an additional $1,000.

Thanks to these challenge victories, plus additional money awarded due to the College of Education’s standing on the Day of Giving leaderboard, the college won over $10,000 in prize money — all thanks to the participation of the College of Education’s community. 

The $524,000 the college received through 961 gifts on Day of Giving will go toward supporting current and future educators and ensuring the educational success of all learners across North Carolina and beyond.