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Sam Costello ‘19: From Past to Present

A photo of Sam Costello

After working at an automotive dealership for 13 years, Sam Costello was laid off. His wife asked if he had ever considered teaching. Now, Sam will go on to share his love of history with his students. 

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Name: Sam Costello
Hometown: Jacksonville, Fla.
Field of Study: Middle School Education with concentrations in English Language Arts and Social Studies
Activities: Student teaching at Salem Middle School in Track 8-1 Social Studies with cooperative teacher Sara Roberts.

What’s Next: Getting a teaching job after graduation in either Wake, Durham or Orange counties.

Why I Chose Education: My wife asked if I had ever considered being a teacher because I like history and children. At the time, I had never considered that concept. I just knew I wanted to go back to college to finish my education since losing my job of 13 years with an automotive dealership service department in Durham.

What I Hope to Do After Graduation: I want to be an effective teacher that inspires my students to want to learn about history but have fun at learning it. If it is not fun, then they will not be engaged and not want to be in our class. What’s fun are activities they find interesting and challenging that cause them to think critically.

Why I Chose the NC State College of Education: I wanted to transfer to NC State from Durham Technical Community College and the only option as a transfer student as a teacher candidate was with Middle School Education. I live in Durham and had the possible option of going to UNC-Chapel Hill, but I did not want to go to any other university besides NC State. I have been an NC State fan for 19 years since moving to Durham from Wilmington. My wife has been a Wolfpack fan since birth.

What I Would Say to Others Considering Education: If you like children and have a discipline that excites you, then you are a candidate for education. But it should not be taken lightly. It is a hard and demanding discipline that requires flexibility and constant reflection, asking: Is my lesson effective, and are all students engaged? Do not be closed minded to changing speeds and always look for improvement in yourself. Be genuine with your students because they can see in your eyes if you are truly sincere. Be firm when needed, laugh with them, cry with them, and always show love to them. Love breaks barriers, and I have seen it happen while interning. It will be hard to leave my students when my time is up.