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Kevin Sutton ‘18 EDD: Do What You Love, and Love What You Do

Kevin Sutton ‘18 EDD began his journey at the NC State College of Education ten years ago as an undergraduate student. Now, he prepares to graduate with a Doctor of Education in Technology Education degree. Read his reflection below.

Name: Kevin Gregory Sutton
Hometown: Boone, NC
Field of Study: Technology Education
Activities: My research activities revolve around: engineering design graphics, performance assessment and visualization. My extracurricular activities include: parenting, designing and building products and driving things with wheels.
What’s Next: my wife would be delighted to hear that we are going to Disney World, but I will skip that and continue teaching at the university level.

Why did you choose the NC State College of Education?

Kevin Sutton
Kevin Sutton

I chose to be a student in the College of Education ten years ago after asking classmates about their favorite courses. Upon being directed towards some graphics communication courses, I talked to a faculty member who took an interest in my success. I made the switch to the Technology, Engineering and Design Education program as soon as I realized that learning is personal here and the faculty is committed to your success.

What was your favorite class at the College of Education?
Visual Thinking with Dr. Crow will always be a course that I look back on with fond memories. I remember some of the lectures that always captured my attention and use many of the skills to get my ideas out onto paper on a regular basis.

Tell us about a faculty member who has influenced you.
My experience in the College of Education at NC State was filled with faculty members that influenced my perceptions and goals by believing in me. Dr. Alice Scales will always stand out in my mind as the first person that I talked to in the College of Education. She helped me switch majors and became a teacher and advisor throughout my undergraduate education. When I returned for my doctorate, she still continued to be a mentor and editor even in her retirement. She is an example of caring about the success of your students beyond graduation. I am always grateful for her care and kind friendship.

What advice do you have for others considering education?
Dr. Dick Peterson explained this well: “Do what you love, and love what you do”. The classroom provides a place to make a significant impact on tomorrow.