#WhyIChoseEducation: Dr. Josephus Brown

As part of Celebrating 90 Years of NC State Education, we asked you to share your stories of why you chose education and why you love the NC State College of Education. Below is one of the many stories we received demonstrating how we’re leading the way in education in North Carolina and beyond.

Name: Dr. Josephus C. Brown
Graduation Year:
 2005, 2012
Program: Department of Educational Leadership, Policy, and Human Development (ELPHD)
Career Role & Responsibilities: Retired educator after 34 years with Wake County Public School System. Currently, a substitute teacher.

Why did you enter the field of education?
To explain my entry into the field of education, I need to list a quote for William Cullen Bryant’s “To a Waterfowl”:
“He, who, from zone to zone,
Guides through the boundless sky thy certain flight,
In the long way that I must trace alone,
Will lead my steps aright.”

I believe the Lord guided me into the field of education. I chose it after realizing that I loved children, had “pretended” to be a teacher for my nephews and nieces, and loved sports. My career was that of an elementary Physical Education teacher.

Why did you choose to earn your degree from the NC State College of Education?
My father was a custodian at NC State for over 37 years so there existed an instant connection. In fact, he began his career in the building which has the smokestack with the words “State College” written on it. As I attended classes in Poe Hall, I was able to view the smokestack on a regular basis and reminisce. The College of Education enjoys a renowned reputation within the education community – nationally and locally – therefore choosing NC State’s College of Education was the only rational choice.