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College of Education Alumna Wins Cary Chamber of Commerce’s First Year Teacher Award

Olivia with her award.
Olivia with her award.

Olivia Ellington is a 2015 College of Education alumna who graduated with a degree in Elementary Education. She’s currently serving as a first year teacher at Weatherstone Elementary and was recently awarded with the Cary Chamber of Commerce 2015-2016 First Year Teacher Award.

When asked how the college prepared her for her first year of teaching she said, “Some of the MANY ways the College of Education prepared me for my first year of teaching were the supportive faculty and staff, the core classes that were directly in line with North Carolina’s curriculum, and the opportunity to have hands-on experience sophomore, junior and senior year in the classrooms.”

Her greatest teaching accomplishment to date? “Seeing my students grow everyday academically and socially,” she said. “I am teaching my students to become helpers in their communities and responsible citizens who will grow up to be leaders!”

Congratulations to this outstanding alum and first year teacher!