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Student on a laptop.

Aug 12, 2020

Back to School: Tips to Help Teachers Configure Classes

Associate Teaching Professor Angie Smith, Ph.D., offers tips for helping teachers adjust their class structures during the coronavirus pandemic. 

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Aug 11, 2020

Back to School: Helping Children with Math

Associate Professor Jessica Hunt, Ph.D. offers tips for parents and caregivers to help their children with math learning at home. 

Writing with a pencil.

Aug 10, 2020

Back to School: Tips to Encourage Kids to Practice Reading, Writing

Assistant Professor Crystal Chen Lee, Ed.D. shares fun ways to help children prepare for reading and writing in the upcoming school year. 

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Aug 6, 2020

Back to School: Helping Children Estimate 6 Feet, Understand Spread of Microbes

How can parents help their kids learn about viruses – and other things they cannot see with the naked eye – or understand 6 feet of social distance? Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor Gail Jones offers advice. 

A photo of a teenage student writing at a desk

Jul 23, 2020

Becoming Anti-Racist ELA Teachers

NC State College of Education Assistant Professors Michelle Falter, Ph.D., Chandra Alston, Ph.D., and Crystal Chen Lee, Ed.D. have developed the "Becoming Anti-Racist ELA Teachers" white paper to outline steps educators can take to actively work towards anti-racist ELA education. 

NC State College of Education Assistant Professors Michelle Falter, Chandra Alston and Crystal Chen Lee

Jul 23, 2020

3 College of Education Assistant Professors Publish White Paper to Help English Language Arts Teachers Become Anti-racist Educators

Assistant Professors Michelle Falter, Ph.D., Chandra Alston, Ph.D., and Crystal Chen Lee, Ed.D, are drawing on their experiences as former English teachers and current teacher educators to provide middle and high school ELA teachers with support toward becoming anti-racist educators through a new white paper. 

New wolf statue on central campus.

Jun 15, 2020

NC State Students Help Underserved Students Share Their Stories Through Work with Literacy and Community Initiative

As the Literacy and Community Initiative releases reading guides to accompany books written by student authors throughout the community, NC State students reflect on the experiences they have had working with the program. 

Associate Professor Angela Wiseman

May 5, 2020

Children’s Literature Assembly: Using Picture Books to talk about Trauma, Anxiety, Stress and COVID-19 [Part II]

Associate Professor Angela Wiseman, Ph.D., shares picture books that might help parents and educators discuss stress, anxiety and the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic with children.  

Professor Jere Confrey authored Love Without Hugs to explain the coronavirus pandemic to her grandchildren

May 5, 2020

Professor Jere Confrey Writes Children’s Book, Love Without Hugs, to Explain Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic to Her Grandchildren

Professor Jere Confrey created a handmade book to help her grandchildren understand the coronavirus outbreak and why she was not able to hug them. Now, she has self-published the book, Love Without Hugs, to help families everywhere explain the pandemic to young children. 

Two students in a counseling session

Apr 17, 2020

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Students Share Common Mental Health Struggles of COVID-19, Tips for Coping

The ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been taking a toll on mental health. Clinical mental health counseling students Brent Michel ‘21MED and Jenny Deschler ‘20MED are sharing some of the most common struggles people are experiencing and offer tips for coping with the crisis.