Nov 4, 2019

Wolfpack WORKS: A Look at the Literacy Initiative’s First Year

Take a look at Wolfpack WORKS' first year and the impact the literacy initiative is having on teachers and students in North Carolina.

Nov 4, 2019

Grant-Funded Project Gives Students Access to STEM Concepts Through Robotics

Professor Kevin Oliver, Ph.D., and Teaching Assistant Professor Parks Newby will promote new school makerspaces by introducing programmed robotics platforms in several schools in the Piedmont Unifour region through a new grant-funded project.

Nov 4, 2019

With Grant from Mebane Charitable Foundation, Yadkin Wolfpack Literacy Partnership Will Collaborate with Yadkin County Schools to Train Literacy Experts, Improve Reading Proficiency

A new partnership between the NC State College of Education and Yadkin County Schools called the Yadkin Wolfpack Literacy Partnership will work to improve reading proficiency in the district by helping teachers become literacy leaders. The project is funded by the Mebane Charitable Foundation and led by Associate Professor Dennis Davis.

Oct 31, 2019

NSF Grant Will Broaden Project-Based Inquiry (PBI) Global to Include STEM Learning Through An NC Rural/Urban School Partnership

A new grant from the National Science Foundation will allow Hiller Spires, Ph.D., and Erin Krupa, Ph.D., to expand the Project-Based Inquiry Global project to include STEM learning.

Oct 29, 2019

NC State Education Awarded $2.5M in Research Funding August-October, 2019

Faculty and researchers at the NC State College of Education, including its Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, were awarded $2,467,124 to support 15 research projects from Aug. 1 to Oct. 21, 2019.

Oct 24, 2019

Time: He’s the First African American to Receive a Face Transplant. His Story Could Change Health Care

NC State College of Education Professor Jessica DeCuir-Gunby gives input on how physical appearance contributes to racial identity in the case of the first African American to receive a face transplant. 

Oct 23, 2019

Religion in Public: Learning To Revel in Our Shared Humanity – The Effects of Friendships Across Difference

A new IDEALS Project report, co-authored by Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor Alyssa Rockenbach, Ph.D., found that college students are better prepared for living in a diverse society when they have inter-world friendships across religions, non-religious, spiritual and ideological differences. 

Oct 23, 2019

Real Clear Religion: National Study Shows the Promise of Diverse Interfaith Friendships on College Campuses

n IDEALS Project study, co-authored by Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor Alyssa Rockenbach, Ph.D., shows that college students who have close friendships with peers of differing beliefs develop more empathy and understanding for people with different world views. 

Oct 22, 2019

Associate Dean Paola Sztajn Selected to Deliver Judith Jacobs Lecture at Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators Conference in 2020

Associate Dean for Research and Innovation Paola Sztajn, Ph.D., has been selected to deliver the 2020 Judith Jacobs Lecture, which recognizes distinguished mathematics teacher educators.

Oct 18, 2019

New Book Co-Authored By Associate Professor Chad Hoggan Offers Advice for Supporting Students Through Transformational Learning in Community Colleges

Many nontraditional or historically underserved students face challenges beyond academics in community colleges. A new book co-authored by Associate Professor Chad Hoggan, Ed.D., focuses on their transformative learning experiences and ways faculty and advisors can support students.