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ELPHD Research: Research Projects

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Title: Bridging Gaps in Postsecondary Research: ECMC Postsecondary CTE Fellows

Project Team: PI-James Bartlett  Audrey J. Jaeger  Michelle Bartlett  Reynaldo Garcia 

Sponsor: ECMC Foundation

Project Total: $2,034,053

Title: Envisioning Excellence for Community College Leadership

Project Team: PI-Audrey J. Jaeger  Diane Chapman  James Bartlett  Rey Garcia  Robert Templin 

Sponsor: John M. Belk Endowment

Project Total: $​10,863,040

Title: PBIS in Challenging Contexts: Evaluating a Replicable Implementation Approach in Philadelphia

Project Team:

Sponsor: University of Pennsylvania/Us Dept. of Justice

Project Total: $​116,610

Title: FOCUS in Engineering: Faculty of Color Uncovering Success Strategies in Engineering

Project Team: PI-Joy Gaston Gayles 

Sponsor: National Science Foundation

Project Total: $​49,854

Title: Interdisciplinary Biochemistry Graduate Program

Project Team: PI- Robert Rose (CALS-Biochemistry)  Tamara Young 

Sponsor: National Science Foundation

Project Total: $​999,907

Title: NC State University’s The Innovation Project (TIP) Leadership Academy

Project Team: PI-Bonnie Fusarelli  Lance Fusarelli  Lesley Wirt  Francine Riddick  Brenda Champion 

Sponsor: NC Alliance for School Leadership Development

Project Total: $4,141,493

Title: The Impact of the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship Program on Student Achievement

Project Team: PI-Anna Egalite 

Sponsor: John William Pope Foundation

Project Total: $150,000

Title: Collaborative Research: EFRI-REM Mentoring Catalyst Initiative

Project Team: PI- Christine Grant (Engineering)  Tuere Bowles 

Sponsor: National Science Foundation

Project Total: $164,890

Title: Faculty Workload and Rewards Project: A Randomized Trial

Project Team: PI-Audrey J. Jaeger 

Sponsor: University of Maryland, College Park/National Science Foundation

Project Total: $50,166