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Will Chavis in school hallway shaking hands with students

Celebrating Our Black Alumni

Meet some of our extraordinary alumni who found their place at the NC State College of Education and are educating children, improving schools and strengthening communities.

As part of celebrating Black History Month, we’ve created this page to house the profiles of some of our extraordinary College of Education alumni who are Black that we have written about over the past year. We want to celebrate their academic achievements and contributions to the field of education.

“If we are seeking a more diverse student body than we have to have more diverse faculty to make sure that we can support those students.”

Dina Walker-DeVose ‘13PHD, Interim Assistant Dean of Recruitment, Retention, and Inclusion at Georgia Southern University

Meet Dina Walker-DeVose 

“We, as educators, have to make the decision to do what’s best for kids first. And we are charged with doing that on a daily, on-going basis.”

Cherelle Sanders ‘11, 6-8 Math/Science Multi-classroom Education Leader at Martin Millennium Academy

Meet Cherelle Sanders 

“I chose education to help inspire young students who look like me and who need support and guidance.”

Janell Miller ’20MS, English Teacher at Southeast Raleigh High School

Meet Janell Miller 

“You cannot research or discuss the experiences of Black, Indigenous and people of color without acknowledging systemic and institutionalized racism; it is engrained in society.”

Shanita S. Brown ‘11MED, ‘16PHD, Director of Counseling Services at Virginia Union University

Meet Shanita Brown 

Advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The NC State College of Education’s land-grant vision is to lead the way in increasing educational opportunities for all and reducing achievement gaps. To fulfill this vision, the advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion task force seeks to confront racial injustices and build a more diverse, inclusive and supportive community — both within our college and in the field of education.

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