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Stories About Extraordinary Experiences with the NC State College of Education

Nina Schoonover

During American Education Week, we asked our alumni, students and friends to share about their extraordinary experiences with the NC State College of Education and what experiences left a big impression on them. Read what they had to say about these extraordinary experiences. American Education Week 2019

‘Valerie Faulkner Embodies What an Educator Should Be’

From Brandon Daniel

As an educator, I’ve learned to value resources. At NC State, we have a valuable resource in professor Valerie Faulkner. She embodies what an educator should be: knowledgeable, empathetic and passionate. I try to “bring it”in my classroom as she brought it in ours. I left class each time empowered with knowledge and how to cultivate it. We learn by doing and sharing those experiences. We learn by taking risks. Thank you NC State and Valerie Faulkner for taking a risk on me.

‘Mark Townley Played a Huge Part in my Inspiration to Become a Teacher Myself’

From Storm Alexander

An educator that I had through high school was an NC State alum who had graduated from the college of education. Mark Townley taught me AP Environmental Science at Holly Springs High School, and he played a huge part in my inspiration to become a teacher myself, and especially inspired me to attend NC State.

‘Without this Remarkable University, College and Elementary Education Program, I Would Not be Able to Thrive as a Passionate Educator’

From Danielle Scharen

The College of Education at NC State has been an integral part of my life as I have spent more than a quarter of it as a student in this college! I received both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the Elementary Education department at NC State, drawn in by the outstanding focus on science and engineering aspects that closely align with my teaching philosophy. But I didn’t stop there. I have yet again returned to the College of Ed and am now in the process of working towards my PhD in Elementary Learning Sciences with a focus on elementary science. Because of the College of Ed and the incredible faculty at this university, I had a very successful teaching career in North Carolina elementary schools and spread the importance of science and technology education to students, parents, educators, and administrators statewide. I wanted nothing more in my career than to continue to spread that knowledge and passion for science education in the elementary years, and have now changed my focus to pre-service teachers and in-service teacher support. In my most recent doctoral journey with the College of Ed at NC State, I feel simultaneously supported and challenged by the TELS department to make an impact in the field of education. Without this remarkable university, college, and Elementary Education program I would not be able to thrive as a passionate educator.

‘Dr. Hill Prepared Me Well for Life in a High School Classroom’

From Robert Palmer

Dr. Kevin Hill profoundly impacted by teaching career. He taught several valuable lessons that I consistently pass along to others. Dr. Hill stressed the importance of teaching 80% of your curriculum to the best of your ability. Doing so would make you successful in the classroom. I made this the focus of my teaching and have found that it does create success. Mentoring three beginning teachers and one student teacher gave me the opportunity to share Dr. Hill’s wisdom. Dr. Hill prepared me well for life in a high school classroom.

‘Thank You Dr. Jones for Making Me Fall in Love with This Program and Teaching’

From Courtney Callaghan

I joined the MAT program in Spring 2019; I was a full time student and my husband was deployed overseas. Nervous to head back to school was an understatement. My first class was Science Methods with Dr. Gail Jones. I immediately felt welcomed into her class and into the program and clicked with the other students in my class. Dr. Jones is everything I strive to be as a future educator – fun, experimental, and brilliant. I loved being in her class so much I took an elective with her because I just love her methods and approaches so much! Thank you Dr. Jones for making me fall in love with this program and teaching!!

‘I Currently Hold 3 Degrees, but the Experience I Have Witnessed at NC State Has Been By Far the Best Out of all of My Degrees’

From Marsha Creekmore

I currently hold 3 other degrees, including a master’s, but the experience that I have witnessed here at NC State has been by far the best out of all of my degrees. My advisor has been very forthcoming with all the information that I have needed and has been very supportive. My professor have keep me very engaged and have also been very supportive and helpful when I needed it. I am so happy and look forward to continuing my experience here.

‘My Professor, Dr. Lisa Hervey, Changed My Life as a Teacher’

From Twanna Monroe

My professor Dr. Lisa Hervey, changed my life as a teacher because she introduced various digital tools in the class. Now my students are excited about learning because of the technology integration.

‘I Never Had a Professor Who Inspired Me to Challenge Myself More and Want to Be the Best at Teaching Math than Dr. Kolb’

From Stacy Surratt

I was at NC State as a NC Teaching Fellow (Class of ‘95). My major was Math/Science Dual Degree and my experience at NC State was truly extraordinary! One of my favorite professors, who I continue to talk about to this day, was Dr. John Kolb. He had a way to make you want you to do better, be better in the classroom and outside of the classroom. He was not hearing any excuse for not coming by to see him to get extra help. I never had a professor who inspired me to challenge myself more and want to be the best at teaching math than Dr. Kolb. His positive impact and impression he made on me, I pray, comes out in my teaching each and every day for my high school math students.

‘ELM 375 Was Such an Eye Opening Experience for Me’

From Connie Kim

During my junior year in the College of Education, I took ELM 375 and it was such an eye opening experience for me. The class provided us with the opportunities to openly and respectfully discuss topics that would typically be considered “taboo” or uncomfortable to talk about but are necessary to have in order to better understand how we can foster a positive classroom environment. I was introduced to so many new and different perspectives and we really dove deep into important topics that I will carry with me as I work with children in my own future classroom.

‘The College of Education Prepares Teachers Better Than Anywhere I Know’

From Lori Worthington

It is hard to list one experience and how it impacted me — there were so many impactful experiences! Every class related to education that I was enrolled in has made me the teacher that I am today. My professors, especially Dr. Carol Pope, prepared me so well that I was truly ready on my very first day as a teacher. My student teaching experience was phenomenal. The College of Education prepares teachers better than anywhere I know. I was fortunate to be named Camden County’s District Teacher of the Year in 2018-19 and I owe that award to what I learned in the College of Education. I am so thankful for my education at NC State.

‘I Know How Important it is to Build Relationships With My Students While Teaching Them’

From Alyssa Johnson

I enjoyed David Mills’ class during my time in Elementary Education. His class was challenging, but he made time to meet with us and formed a bond with our cohort. He even invited us all to his house for dinner. Many of our professors were friendly and helpful, but he really got to know us while teaching us. Thanks to this experience, I know how important it is to build relationships with my students while teaching them.

Jermaine Howell

‘Mrs. Melanie Smith Exemplifies a Professor Who Goes Above and Beyond to Ensure All Her Learners Achieve Excellence’

From Jermaine R. Howell

I can proudly say Mrs. Melanie Smith from the Curriculum and Developmental Supervision program exemplifies a professor who goes above and beyond to ensure ALL her learners achieve excellence!!! I have been in dialogue with Mrs. Smith before I got accepted into the college/university. She guided me throughout the process of application and emailed me updates of my application status. During the program orientation, she, along with Dr. Horne, outlined the program and provided snacks. I was afforded the opportunity to have been in two classes with her as my professor. Her methodologies, professor-to-student relationship, and grading were all of high standards. She is a professor who ensures her students understand and are able to apply the content during the teaching/learning process.  I have also build a trusting relationship with Mrs. Smith in which I have shared different things with her and knowing it will be held in confidence. I have also learned a vast amount of knowledge and experiences from her with regards to coaching, teaching, and developmental supervision. She will always be my favorite N.C. State professor!!! In close, I will add her favorite quote “onwards, and upwards”.

‘The Awesome Professors Who Taught GC 120 and TDE 110 Reignited My Spark and Helped Build a New, Close-Knit Community’

From Isabella Forst

After changing majors, I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do academically. While taking GC 120 and TDE 110, two of my favorite classes ever, the professors enthusiastically supported my learning and encouraged me to express my creativity with the material in a way I had never experienced before. Those two classes, and the awesome professors who taught them, reignited my spark and helped build a new, close-knit community less than a semester after changing my major. A big thank you to the College of Education for giving me a new lease on learning!

‘The Johnston Principal Leadership Academy Has Taught Me I Must First Know Myself and My Own Value Before Taking on a Leadership Role’

From Allison Price

As a current graduate student, the Johnston Principal Leadership Academy (formerly known as NELA) has taught me I must first know myself and my own value before taking on a leadership role in education. I will be forever grateful for this experience and the life lessons the program has taught me. Because of this program I have the confidence I need to move on to bigger opportunities and make a larger impact in our world. There will never be enough thank yous!

‘EMS 204 is the Best Class That I Have Taken During My Entire Time at NC State’

From Martia Williams

The class that I am currently taking EMS 204: Introduction to Mathematics Education with Dr. Robin K Anderson is the best class that I have taken during my entire time at NC State University. Dr. Anderson does a wonderful job of not only teaching us about the different tasks that we can implement into our future classrooms but also allows us to try them out ourselves. Since taking difficult college math classes I have not enjoyed math as much as I used to enjoy it. But in this class, I have fallen in love with math again and am ecstatic about getting to teach my future students with the tools I have gained in this course.

‘The Level of Education I Have Received at NC State is Extraordinary’

From Mehrunissa Owens

The level of education I have received at NC State is extraordinary, I have learned so much in such a short amount of time, from exceptional professors to support from the graduate school. I have attended conferences, been placed at an excellent school for my student teaching experience, interacted with outstanding faculty and staff who have encouraged me to continue my education past an MAT, and love the campus and surroundings. My favorite place in POE is METRC, I love having access to everything I need in an intimate and friendly setting.  I have also enjoyed meeting the other students in my classes, there is so much to learn from each other, and our professors encourage us to do just that!

‘Through SAY, I Have Built Such an Amazing Community and Learned so Much Through Programs, Socials and Field Experiences’

From Amy Henricks

I am a member of SAY Village and I have had so many extraordinary experiences through the village! Getting to work with my elementary partner during field experience is always the highlight of my week. Through SAY I have built such an amazing community and already learned so much through programs, socials, and field experiences. Robin McWilliams, Lindsey Hubbard, and the rest of the SAY EA’s have helped make my first semester here at NC State so great!

‘I Hope to Encourage Many More Students to Attend This Fine University. I am Thankful Every Day for My Experience at NC State’

From Kimberly Steele

I attended NC State University from 1990 – 1994. I received a BS degree in Middle Grades Education (Grades 6-9) with a dual certification in math and science. I knew for many years I wanted to be a teacher, and I specifically wanted to be a middle school math teacher. I made the decision to attend NC State my Junior year of high school when I realized I could graduate with dual certification in math and science and felt that would make me more marketable in getting a teaching position back in my home county.

Each semester I took at least one math and one science course. I enjoyed both, but I quickly became more interested in the science courses and their content. The science professors opened my eyes to a lot of concepts and expanded on science domains I had studied in high school. I can remember my favorite science course at NC State was Genetics. In high school, we touched briefly on heredity and genetics in Biology, but not at the depth in which we studied it in this course. My eyes were opened and my curiosity sparked in this course.

When I began my methods courses for teaching math and science, one specific instructor stood out among the rest. Dr. Susan Westbrook taught the methods of teaching science course. She introduced us to discovery learning in the science classroom and even took us on an overnight field trip to Bear Island off the Crystal Coast in NC to demonstrate how important it is for students to experience concepts they are learning in the classroom hands on. I became very excited about teaching science from my studies and work with Dr. Westbrook, so much so that after graduation, I sought and accepted my first teaching position teaching 7th grade science, not math.

I’ve now been in education for over 25 years. I’ve been out of the classroom for the past 12 years serving as a school based instructional coach. During the 13 years I spent in the classroom, I always taught science, with only a few math classes sprinkled in from time to time. If I had attended any other university for my teaching degree, I feel that I would have only studied math and I would not have explored or considered the sciences as an option. I am very thankful to NC State for that dual program as it changed my destiny and I know beyond a doubt I became a much better teacher and instructional coach due to what I learned under my science professors and Dr. Westbrook. During those 13 years in the classroom, I taught close to 1,500 students in the area of middle grades science. Many of those students to this day accredit my science class and me for inspiring them to pursue a science related career. Through the content and methods I learned at NC State, I was able to inspire a love for science with my students through my instruction. Therefore, my education at NC State University has had an infinite impact that surely continues to grow a love and curiosity for the field of science.

I continue to promote NC State University to our students through conversations, instruction, field trip tours, and even through my attire and the NC State decor in my office. I hope to encourage many more students to attend this fine university. I am thankful every day for my experience at NC State. Go Wolfpack!”

‘I Discovered My Passion for Education’

From Kelsey Douglas

It was freshman year and I was unsure about my current major. I was advised to make an appointment with the college of education as that was what I was on the fence about. I made the appointment with Amanda Beller and she made me feel so welcomed and happy that I changed my major to elementary education and I discovered my passion for education. If Beller had not been so kind and welcoming to me, I might not have switched to elementary education. Furthermore, I might would have not discovered my passion for teaching. I am so thankful for supportive staff in the college of education!

‘The Professor That Changed My Mindset About Education and Life was Dr. Pat Dalton. Pat Was a Light in this World.’

From Jessica Avery

While there were multiple professors at NC State that made an impact on me…the professor that changed my mindset about education and life was Dr. Pat Dalton. Pat was a light in this world. Her philosophy that “life happens” continues to help me remember that in education we are dealing with humans…not numbers…not statistics. Educators work in building and shaping better citizens. She helped us see our worth and celebrated it. She encouraged us to do the same in our field experiences. When I think about my years in education (16), I know that one of the greatest influences on how I manage and care for people was Pat, and I am thankful for her insight.

‘I Attribute My Positive Experience Teaching Over the Last 9 Years to the Supportive Network and the Excellent Preparation I Received’

From Ashley Pratt

During my graduate program, I was a part of the Noyce Scholars program. This experience provided me with additional support and experiences to ensure that I was prepared for my future students. The network of other new educators as well as the inspiring mentors running the program helped me tremendously as I developed into a math educator. When I needed help in my first few years of teaching (both with the actual teaching as well as someone to listen to my frustrations!) I was so thankful to have a group of people who were able to help me through. I attribute my positive experience teaching over the last 9 years to the supportive network and the excellent preparation I received at NC State.

‘Completing the edTPA Was Incredibly Rewarding for Me’

From Taylor Rothenberg

Completing the edTPA was incredibly rewarding for me. Sarah Cannon was particularly helpful through the entire process, and helped when I encountered hiccups in my student teaching program. I liked that the edTPA required me to be intentional and reflective on my teaching practices, and has helped me continue those practices through my continuing role as an educator.

‘The NELA Program Has Been One of the Most Powerful Experiences of My Life’

From Jeffrey Henry

NC State college of education has impacted me in many ways. I currently attend the school through the NELA program and it has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life. This journey has taken me from Poe Hall to Washington DC and we will be traveling to California in March. I can not thank the school enough and hope to impact my students as much as I have been.

Nina Schoonover

‘Dr. Michelle Falter Has Encouraged Me to Truly Think and Do’

From Nina Schoonover

I want to share about an outstanding educator and advisor who I have had at NC State, Dr. Michelle Falter. Since starting my doctoral program, she has encouraged me to truly think and do. She has supported me when I have needed it through classes, writing, and research, but she has also pushed and challenged me outside of my comfort zone. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate having her alongside my doctoral journey at NC State!

‘Gregory Hicks is a Phenomenal Recruiter for the NC Principal Fellows Program at NC State’

From Pamela Routhier

Gregory Hicks is a phenomenal recruiter for the NC Principal Fellows Program at North Carolina State University. He not only provides extensive details on the program, but he takes the time with every individual candidate to answer any and all questions they may have. He truly makes the candidates feel as if they are the most important educator in the state, and he promotes the university as if they are the number one educator in the country. In addition, after entering the program he continues to be a phenomenal coach by giving sound advice and constructive criticism. He always offers solutions to problems, and teaches those around him to be a problem solver. After leaving the program, Dr. Hicks has continued to be my biggest cheerleader, and takes the time to check in from time to time. I appreciate all that he has done for me and the NC Principal Fellows Program.

‘All of My Professors at NC State Have Emphasized the Importance of Forming Relationships with Your Students’

From Kristen Wade

All of my professors at NC State have emphasized the importance of forming relationships with your students! This makes classroom management so much easier and you can take what you know about them, utilize their strengths, and tailor lessons! When I received news about the CED Mini-grants, I was excited to find a way to make a unique lesson for my class! Knowing that several students were interested in coding and technology, I jumped at the chance to use the Sphero robots in the library. From my grant I received Sphero accessories to use with our force and motion lessons. I created a whole Sphero lesson segment to extend concepts I had already taught, and students learned how to apply Newton’s 3 laws of motion to the tasks regarding the robots. Students LOVED these lessons and the rest of my team is looking into how they can use these lessons as well. Students were also very thankful for this opportunity and the effort that I put forth to create the lesson segment. The support from the university made this possible and made a world of difference in my physics unit. Truly grateful for this opportunity!

‘My Experience in NC State’s College of Education has Been Nothing Short of Extraordinary in Every Possible Way’

From Deidre Kelly

My experience in NC State’s College of Education has been nothing short of extraordinary in every possible way. In addition to being high-level experts in their fields, my professors have been kind, encouraging, and enthusiastic in the classroom. My fellow doctoral students have enhanced my education by bringing their diverse backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints to the classes. I have had the incredible opportunity to teach a number of undergraduate classes, assume leadership roles, take part in NSF-funded research, and present research internationally.

‘I Love Being a Teaching Fellow at NC State’

From Ally Gagnon

I love being a Teaching Fellow at N.C. State! This opportunity has allowed me to be really involved in the college of education and to experience things I otherwise would not have had access to. From the guest speakers to the We Teach for N.C. spring break trip, I have had so many amazing experiences that have really motivated me and inspired me to be a great teacher. I’m confident that when I graduate, I’ll be ready to step into my classroom and be an effective teacher on day one. Shout out to Ms. Crystal Espey and Mrs. Amanda Beller, they are both so amazing and supportive, and they make the college of education feel like home!

‘Dr. Fahrer is a Wonderful Advisor and Mentor’

From Issa Dyson

Dr. Fahrer is a wonderful advisor and mentor. He does not allow you to feel alone ever. He will always ask how you are doing and if there is any way he can support you. This dedication really helped me when I was struggling. Sometimes what you need is that dedication more than anything else.

‘Dr. Jimmy Smith Made a Huge Impact on My Experience Getting My Graduate Degree’

From Paige Slider

Dr. Jimmy Smith in the college of education made a huge impact on my experience getting my graduate degree. He guided me through the entire two years and kept me on top of all of the aspects of the program. He was always available if I had a question, concern or just needed to vent. Dr. Smith always made us feel important and valued as a student and as a working teacher.

‘I Loved David Mills’ Special Education Class in Elementary Education’

From Brooke Ward

I loved David Mills’ special education class in elementary education. He not only taught us what we needed to know about working with special education students but about life and the importance of relationships. He developed a special relationship with my cohort where we all had a dinner at his house. This is one class and teacher I will never forget and I’m sure my cohort feels the same.

I also enjoyed my time as a college of education ambassador. Being able to help with events as well as meet prospective students has helped carry over in my experience now as a high school counselor in promoting my school. I also developed professional relationships with staff who I may not have had contact with otherwise. It helped me become a confident leader and allowed me to promote a school that I love.

‘Dr. Delgado Has Inspired Me to Be a Better Teacher’

From Paola Medina

I would like to share that in general, I’ve had an extraordinary experience during my first semester in MS Science Education. I love the program, the online classes, the school and the spirit of camaraderie in everybody at the NC State College of Education. Particularly, I want to recognize the incredible work of one of my professors: Dr. Cesar Delgado. He is an amazing teacher with endless patience and an enormous love for what he does. Dr. Delgado has inspired me to be a better teacher, his hard work, kindness, and passion for teaching are difficult to describe in one paragraph. Thank you for all you do Dr. Delgado!

‘It is a Nice Feeling to Know That the Faculty and Staff are Making an Effort to Know Who I am and My Background’

From Jessica Terrones

Coming from a small town to a large university like NC State was terrifying. Although, that changed once I stepped foot into the College of Education. Everyone knew everyone. I did not feel like just another student in the classroom, whose name would be long forgotten once I stepped out of the classroom. Instead, faculty and staff know who I am and even my major. It is a nice feeling to know that they are making an effort to know who I am and my background. Allowing me to feel a sense of support through the College of Education. Overall, these connections contributed immensely to my transition to NC State and making it a home away from home!

‘I Really Enjoyed the Wolfpack Readers Program’

From Daniel Hencher

I really enjoyed the Wolfpack Readers program and felt that it helped me engage with students in a different school and to implement all the research and practices I had learned about during the course.

‘That’s What the College of Education Was for Me — a Place of Passion and Integrity and Love for Everyone’

From Katie Martin

One of my first College of Education classes was taught by Charolette Roberts and I remember one day, when there was news of racist actions in the NC State community, she gave us the most empowering speech about our role in this as educators. I specifically recall her saying “the College of Education will not be neutral on a moving train” and that stuck with me so much. That day was the day I decided I was definitely going to be a teacher. Seeing her passion for students and ensuring social justice for them was so amazing. That’s what I hope to do. That’s what the College of Education was for me, a place of passion and integrity and love for everyone. I also participated in the GLBT center’s lavender graduation and it meant the world to me to have Dean Mary Ann Danowitz greet me on stage and tell me how proud of me she was. The College of Education at NC State is a special and powerful place.

‘I Am a Better Educator Because of the Impact Dr. Tamara Young Had on Me’

From Shannan George

I encountered Dr. Tamara Young in my last semester of classes for my PhD program. She challenged me in a way that no professor had done before. Her teaching methods were simple, no fancy technology, but highly effective. More than for any other class I prepared and read and made sure I was ready for class. She is dynamic and knows her stuff. I am a better educator because of the impact she had on me.

‘Not Only Did They Teach Me the Academics, but They Taught Me About Being an Adult and About Life’

From Maryam Khan

I was blessed enough to have been taught by some incredible professors during my undergraduate and graduate years at NC State! Dr. Valerie Faulkner, Dr. Temple Walkowiak, Dr. Jonee Wilson, Mrs. Kari Kuebel, and Dr. Joanna Koch are some of the kindest and loving women who I was lucky enough to have had during my years at NC State. Not only did they teach me the academics (how to be a teacher), but they taught me about being an adult and about life. These women are not just talented professors, but they are extremely caring individuals who were there for me when I needed a mentor, a caring adult, in my life. Because of all the amazing professors I had the pleasure to learn from over my 5 years at the College of Education, I miss NC State so so much!

‘I Appreciate Dr. Stiff’s Commanding Presence and Strive to Evoke the Same Feeling in My Own Students’

From Elizabeth Knight

Preparing for my student teaching with Dr. Stiff was invaluable. I still recall many moments in that class and follow much of his advice in my own classroom. I appreciate his commanding presence and strive to evoke the same feeling in my own students.

‘I Have Had the Distinct Privilege and Honor to Have Dr. Dunbar as a Professor and as My Advisor’

From Jasmine Wiggins

A professor that has changed my life during my time here at the NC State College of Education is Dr. Adria Dunbar. She is not only a professor to me, but also my advisor and mentor.

I enjoy her teaching style because everything she teaches in class has real-word applications. For example, one assignment involved creating a website. This assignment taught me how to use technology in professional settings, get comfortable with using technology on a regular basis, and prepared me to be job-ready. Every assignment, paper, project, and topic we cover in class had a specific purpose. With Dr. Dunbar as my professor, I learn a lot by doing and practicing, which is very helpful to me as a kinesthetic learner. For example, my supervision class engaged me in a role-playing activity to provide feedback to a counselor intern on how to work with a challenging student at her site.

Outside of her classroom teaching duties, Dr. Dunbar helped me during the application process for the NBCC Mental Health Program Fellowship (a national counseling fellowship) by encouraging me to apply and writing me a strong letter of recommendation. Dr. Dunbar is also a very present and approachable professor.

All in all, I have had the distinct privilege and honor to have Dr. Dunbar as a professor and as my advisor during my time here as a graduate student at NC State College of Education.

‘NC State’s Graduate Literacy Cohort Program has Helped Me to Inspire School-Wide Change to Help Balance our Literacy Program’

From Holly Price

I became a Next Generation Literacy Specialist through NC State’s Graduate Literacy Cohort Program. This program prepared me for my current role as Reading Specialist. I feel this program prepared me for my role and I truly feel I am making a difference with the students I work with. This program has helped me to inspire school wide change to help balance our Literacy program.

‘When I Retired in 2005, I felt I had Made Significant Contributions Across my Government Service That Would Not Have Been Possible Without the Excellent Education and Range of Educational Opportunities Offered by the Department of Psychology, the College of Education and the University’

From Michael Goodman

I joined the Graduate Student body in the Department of Psychology, a component of the College of Education, in September of 1967. My principal focus was Human Factors administered by Dr. Richard Pearson, who had a joint appointment with the Department of Psychology and Industrial Engineering. I can say without reservation that my educational experience was extraordinary from several perspectives. First, was the broad spectrum of knowledge, skills and methodology that my Professors provided me with. These include Doctors Pearson, Cole, Lubow, and Newman, just to name several who had a profound impact on my career potential. Secondly, I had the privilege of participating in a multidisciplinary program, which allowed me to expand my education to Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Agricultural Engineering, and to audit classes in Electrical Engineering. Finally, this exposure, combined with a NASA Fellowship and a NASA internship would eventually lead to a career with NASA, The Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), working across a broad range of disciplines and programs. When I retired in 2005, I felt I had made significant contributions across my Government service that would not have been possible without the excellent education and range of educational opportunities offered by the Department of Psychology, the College of Education and the University.

‘Drs. Pope and Arnold Have Impacted Thousands of N.C. Kids and Both Had a Profound Effect on My Path 20 Years into My Teaching Career’

From JD Carter III

Dr. John Arnold and Dr. Carol Pope set a standard for young adolescents and the teachers who serve, an assumption of the worth and worthiness of each student.

Authentic and fun experiences, making meaningful connections with peers, and finding your voice as a reader and writer – a powerful paradigm empowering learners at the Middle Grade level.

Many schools have lost their understanding of how to nurture the whole child in that critical window of cognitive and moral development. Middle schools should meet the needs of that age group and adopt practices that bring meaningful experiences and challenges to kids.

Drs. Pope and Arnold showed us the way in the early 1990s.

Public school can work and work well.

These brilliant teachers have impacted thousands of NC kids and both had a profound effect on my path 20 years into my teaching career.

MSL 1997

‘My MSA from NC State Truly Prepared Me for a Career as a School Administrator’

From Steve Pond

I was a member of the MSA/Wake County schools cohort from 2004 to 7. Really loved my experience there especially professors like Andy Overstreet. I’m a second generation NC State graduate and hopefully my son will be a third. My MSA from NC State truly prepared me for a career as a school administrator and I am driving and succeeding based on the foundation built at NC State University.

‘I Have Had Many of the Most Impactful Learning Experiences of My Life With the College of Education’

From Kayleigh James

I have only been in the College of Education for less than a year, and I have had many of the most impactful learning experiences of my life with the college. This past semester I was able to do tutoring outside of my field experience at the Hispanic Family Center of Raleigh. It was here that I was able to work with a student that I will remember for the rest of my life. My student had a known ‘behavioral issue’ in his regular classroom, and I did struggle the first few sessions to find accommodations that would allow him to get the most out of this experience. After we got into a system, I realized that I had made judgments about him before I had even met him face to face based on what I was told. He is such a hard worker and is genuinely a passionate learner despite the label that had been placed upon him. Having this experience with him has allowed me to be more conscious about the preconceptions that I have about my students, as well as how to be a more effective educator to a variety of student needs. I will always be grateful for everything that he has taught me.

‘I Am Forever Better as a Teacher and as a Person for My Time Spent as Part of the College of Education’

From Brittany Weaver

While I was an undergrad in the College of Education, I had many WONDERFUL educators. Dr. Blanchard, Dr. Park and Dr. Bellamy to name a few were huge inspirations to me and helped shape me into the educator I am today. We had so many wonderful hands on experiences from using what felt like 100 different probes with Dr. Park to outside experiences with various other professors. I have heard so many teachers say you can’t learn how to be a teacher in college, that comes from experience. While that may be true in part, I would have had no idea where to even begin without my time at NC State. The lessons we lived in the classrooms made teaching our own students so much easier and the bonds we formed with peers and professors are still strong today. I will forever be grateful for my time at NC State both as an undergrad and graduate student. I am forever better as a teacher and as a person for my time spent as part of the Wolfpack!

‘I Had an Extraordinary Experience with Dr. Timothy Drake’

From Mary Jones

I had an extraordinary experience with Dr. Timothy Drake. During the dissertation preparation, Dr. Drake was very insightful and supportive. His guidance was strategic and as a result, the defense went smoothly. Thank you Dr. Timothy Drake. You are a huge asset to NCSU.

‘Lance and Bonnie Fusarelli Made My Graduation from NC State With a Doctorate in Hand Possible’

From Robbie Cauley

Lance and Bonnie Fusarelli made my graduation from State with a doctorate in hand possible. They taught classes, of course, but it was more than that. They listened, they edited, they encouraged, and they made sure I worked hard while maintaining a work/life/school balance. I appreciate the efforts of all the faculty I had – Young, Brady, Brinson and more. I’ll never forget them, nor that day that Lance walked out of that room in the basement of Poe Hall and said, “Congratulations, Dr. Cauley.”

‘I Was in the SAY Village My First Year at NC State and It Was Amazing for Helping Me be Sure that I Wanted to Teach as a Career’

From Cheyenne Green

I was in the SAY Village my first year at NC State and it was amazing for helping me be sure that I wanted to teach as a career! I loved helping the kids, and they were always so anxious and excited to learn. It was a really great experience, and I would encourage others to do so.

‘An Extraordinary Experience for Me at NC State Occurred in the Counselor Education Department’

From Cherie Ernest

An extraordinary experience for me at NC State occurred in the Counselor Education department when cognitive development was the theme and emphasis of the doctoral program. Dr. Norman Sprinthall was the most fascinating professor in whose classes I’ve had the privilege of participating! Real light bulb moments.

‘I Am Much Better Prepared to Effectively Serve as a School Leader Because of Faculty and Staff members at NC State’

From Will Lamb

I am much better prepared to effectively serve as a school leader because of faculty and staff members at NC State, including Dr. Bonnie Fusarelli, Dr. Bill Harrison, and Dr. Pat Ashley.

‘My Field Experience Through NC State at Leesville Road High School Was a Wonderful, Eye-opening Experience’

From Amy Ward

My field experience through NC State at Leesville Road High School was a wonderful, eye opening experience. My professors and cooperating teacher were there to help guide me, encourage me, and offer suggestions when things didn’t go as planned. I definitely became a stronger teacher through my experience at NC State and classes that I took to achieve my Master’s Degree.

‘Participating in Cooperative Education When Bill Weston Was the Director Was a Great Experience’

From Elgina Manuel

I was able to have a “small” school experience in a large technical university. As an English major, I still had the benefit of small classes. I did have the opportunity to participate in Cooperative Education when Bill Weston was the Director. That was a great experience.

‘I Met Dr. Edgar Boone as My First Professor in Adult and Community College Education’

From Elle Wise

I met Dr. Edgar BOONE as my first professor in Adult and Community College Education. I was from a small community in Western NC and I was surrounded by professionals from across the US. I was so nervous about the class that I would sit up til all hours of the night studying, writing, and crying. I was married to a professor at the time but I definitely did not have a background of research and writing. Dr Boone handed my first paper back and I was shaking so that I could hardly hold the paper in my hand. It was an A+. He sought me out later and wanted to know my background. I again got so nervous I had to go to the restroom and became sick. Eventually I became a department head at WTCC and am 65 years young with a doctorate from a seminary. Only God can use the simple to confound the wise! So grateful for my education! Elle Wise. Former Linda Wehner

‘Cheryl Caddell Was an Amazing Woman That Was Such an Inspiration to Me in This Journey’

From Alana Pennington

I was a young lateral entry CTE Teacher. My mother was a teacher for 30 years and after graduating from college I decided teaching was what I wanted to do. I enrolled into the Business & Marketing Initial Licensure Program. Cheryl Caddell was an amazing woman that was such an inspiration to me in this journey. She was there to help me through the entire process. This program gave me the start I needed to become an extraordinary educator. I enjoyed the program so much I decided to take the lateral entry courses I took and apply them towards a master’s degree. I was also encouraged to take what I had learned in the program and apply it towards National Boards Certification. I graduated with a Master’s in Education in Business & Marketing Education, and one year later I obtained my NBPTS Certification. I recently renewed that for a second time. This program has allowed me to meet goals in my educational journey I didn’t even know I had.

‘I Enjoyed My Classes With Dr. Sabornie. He Helped Students Discriminate the Important and Relevant Issues’

From Amy Williams

I loved my classes at NC State. I received my Master’s Degree in education. I enjoyed my classes with Dr. Sabornie. He helped students discriminate the important and relevant issues. I also had a reading class where the professor taught us how to be great reading teachers by modeling how she gets to know her students. I will never forget how she explained that she spent a little time with different students each class so that she could get to know all of them. Making a personal connection gave her instruction a lasting impression. I enjoyed working in the testing center with one of my professors, Dr. Osborne had our class over to her house. That was the first time I had couscous. There’s a reason NC State rhymes with GREAT!

‘As an Individual Who Needed to Secure an Education Initial License, I Had the Pleasure of Working with Cheryl Caddell’

From Jennifer Cable

As an individual who needed to secure an education initial license, I had the pleasure of working with Cheryl Caddell. Ms. Caddell was very helpful and encouraging. Because of her guidance, I not only secured enough credits to obtain my teaching certification but finished the master’s program earning a Master of Education degree from NC State. Without her encouragement and guidance, I would not have earned my master degree. I am now the CTE director for Cherokee County Schools and encourage prospective teachers to consider attending NC State through the online program. Living in the far western county of North Carolina, educational opportunities are limited. Because NC State offers degree programs online and having helpful professors such as Ms. Caddell, it is a win win for everyone.

‘I’m So Grateful for All That Dr. Beal and the College of Education Has Done for Me During My Four Years at NC State and Beyond’

From Kasie Jones

It’s been almost two years since I graduated from the College of Education and one experience that still resonates with me was my first true education class with Dr. Candy Beal. From the moment her class started during my sophomore year all the way until right before graduation, Dr. Beal was always available to talk about my crazy dreams for my future or offer helpful advice in navigating college as a whole. I’m so grateful for all the Dr. Beal and the College of Education as a collective has done for me during my four years at NC State and beyond. I’m truly blessed to have attended the greatest university in the world. Go Pack!

‘All of My Professors and Mentors Along the Way Have Inspired My Classroom Each Year’

From Tacey Miller

It is hard to narrow down the amazing experiences that I had as an NC State undergrad – there were just too many! I will try to mention a few memorable moments that I still reflect on today in my teaching career. In Math, Dr. Faulkner definitely completely rocked my math-world. During our first two weeks of taking her course we were told to record ourselves modeling a subtraction problem. We then watched those videos and she basically told us we were doing it wrong! However, not to fear, correcting our math language would not only help us to better understand math, but also to be able to teach our students better. In the years since graduation, I have written to Dr. Faulkner for clarification on various math topics and she is always there to help! Today I am constantly aware of my math language that I use in my classroom to be sure that I am articulating math concepts accurately. In our science courses, I remember Dr. Minogue showing us many discrepant events to help us spark excitement and interest in our students. In my classroom today I still try to ‘kick off’ our science units with some kind of interesting or exciting experiment. In our ELA courses, I remember Dr. Harrington having us present on multiple children’s books with ideas on what to use each text for. I graduated with a list of over 30 children’s mentor texts to use with my students for various topics. I still use texts that were presented by my fellow classmates in my classroom today! During my student teaching I was lucky enough to work under the amazing Mrs. Coles at Swift Creek Elementary. She taught me how to handle the “fifth grade sass”. She let me teach on my own when it was time, but we looked at our class as a team effort. If I was pulling a small group, then she was able to work with students one on one, or in another small group at the same time. She supported all my ideas and lessons; if one idea failed (which many did) she was there to help me recuperate and reteach the next day. Since graduation I often think of my time at NC State. All of my professors and mentors along the way have inspired my classroom each year. I still use many of the resources and ‘tricks of the trade’ shown to me by this wonderful cohort of people.

‘The NC State College of Education Gave Me So Much; Knowledgeable and Kind Professors, Deeper Understanding Around Student Learning, and an Opportunity to Apply What I Learned Through an Amazing Tutoring Program’

From Priscilla Johnson

When I was working as a teacher for a NC public school system, I received a flyer to apply for a graduate program at NC State. I was already teaching, married and had a child but decided at that time to take a leap and get my Master’s Degree. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Through my experience, NCSU college of education gave me so much; knowledgeable and kind professors, deeper understanding around student learning, and an opportunity to apply what I learned through an amazing tutoring program. After I finished, I knew I had to give back what the College of Education gave to me. So when the opportunity opened up to work with Wolfpack WORKS, I took another leap and started working with NC State. I’m so grateful to now be able to give back what was given to me through my work with beginning teachers in North Carolina. So for that, the journey I’m currently on has been an extraordinary ride to be apart of.

‘The Students I Have Worked With in SAY and DAY Has Reaffirmed How Much I Want to be a Teacher’

From Allison Seton-Harris

The SAY Village! I have met so many people through this village and the relationships I have with them are incredible. I love living in Syme and living with people who care about youth advocacy. Through the SAY Village I am now involved in DAY, Determined Area Youth. I am a HS Math major, I love working with these middle schoolers. It is an experience I look forward to every week. The students I have worked with in SAY and DAY has reaffirmed how much I want to be a teacher.