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Meet Our Student Graduation Speakers

Graduating students Taylor Sprague ’18MS and Cristina Chase Lane ’18 will deliver the keynote addresses at the NC State College of Education’s Spring 2018 Graduation Ceremony Friday, May 11. Get to know the student speakers:

Taylor SpragueTaylor Sprague ’18MS: Hold On To Your Purpose

A master’s in higher education administration candidate, Sprague serves as a residence director for Wolf Village Apartments, has been part of the GLBT Center’s volunteer program, and has been the vice president of professional development for the Higher Education Association.

Why I Applied to Deliver the Charge to Graduate Students: It felt like a great opportunity to reflect on my graduate school experience while offering a message of motivation and inspiration to my fellow graduates.

What It Means To Be Selected to Deliver the Charge: It is an honor. This opportunity feels like the culmination of a very challenging, invigorating, and impactful two years. I am honored to be able to use this platform to share those experiences and the personal growth that has come from them.

What I Hope Others Takeaway From My Charge: I hope that people will walk away with a strong sense of purpose. Graduation is a time where we must reflect on where we are, where we’ve been, and where we are going. I hope my speech can inspire others to hold onto their purpose as they enter the next phase of their journey.

My Advice to NC State Education Alumni: I’m sure a number of things have happened that you never expected and you are potentially in a different place than you envisioned when you were sitting at graduation in your cap and gown years ago. Remember that feeling of accomplishment, and most likely a bit of anxiety around the unknown, and know that you have made it through all of the challenges that have occurred since then. Take this opportunity to reflect on the purpose you felt back then and how that has changed, and continue to pursue that purpose with all your heart.

Cristina Chase Lane

Cristina “Chase” Lane ’18: Tell Time To Reflect On Why You Chose Your Career Path

A bachelor’s in elementary education candidate, Lane has completed an ESL add-on licensure and the Passport to Success Program and served as a College of Education Ambassador. She will teach 3rd grade after graduating.
Why I Applied to Deliver the Charge to Graduate Students: It is a wonderful opportunity to offer a few last words of encouragement and inspiration to my peers before we each walk across the stage.

What It Means To Be Selected to Deliver the Charge: This is a true honor. It is a great opportunity that allows me to reflect and share what the College of Education has meant to me and how it has prepared me for my future.

What I Hope Others Takeaway From My Charge: While listening to my speech, I hope students will reflect on their own paths they took to get to graduation. The College of Education has provided us with the tools to define our purpose and desire to teach. I hope all students walk away from my speech remembering the reason they pursued a degree in education.

My Advice to NC State Education Alumni: Take a minute to remember when you were in our shoes, a new graduate of the College of Education. Since graduation, you have likely experienced many successes and setbacks in your chosen career. All those experiences contributed to the professional you are. Take time to reflect on when your journey began at NC State, and why you decided to choose the path you did. Revisit that why, and hold onto it as you continue to pursue your dreams.