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#WhyIChoseEducation: Casey Shadix

As part of Celebrating 90 Years of NC State Education, we asked you to share your stories of why you chose education and why you love the NC State College of Education. Below is one of the many stories we received demonstrating how we’re leading the way in education in North Carolina and beyond.

Name: Casey Shadix
Graduation Year: 2009
Program: Master of Education in Higher Education Administration
Career Role & Responsibilities: I serve as the Director of Advising for the University of Kentucky College of Health Sciences and teach coursework related to professionalism and cultural competency in patient care. As Director, I oversee advising and the co-curricular supports for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students in the College, as well as serving “exploratory” undergraduates as their primary advisor.

Why did you enter the field of education?
I entered education professionally because I am inspired by the life stories of our students; the chance to learn about an individual’s history, professional aspirations, and personal development goals. For me, the most exciting part of our profession is having the opportunity to earn students’ trust and engage with their courageous efforts to make meaning of their lives. We cultivate significant relationships through our active teaching, mentorship, coaching, and encouragement of students. In this profession, we have the chance to make our contribution to helping people in our communities do better and become more. I began my professional journey in education as I reflected upon the remarkable impact professional mentors had on my peers and me as NC State undergraduates. When I network with colleagues or hear from a student who experienced success and prosperity in ways they never imagined possible, it is humbling to be reminded of the profound influence and responsibility we have in this field.

Why did you choose to earn your degree from the NC State College of Education?
I chose the NC State College of Education for my master’s work because I respected the quality of work students and alumni of the program did, how invested the faculty were in developing students to be leaders in the field, and I saw those affiliated with the program were making positive and lasting impact in people’s lives. I wanted to be a part of that extraordinary community of people.