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#WhyIChoseEducation: Laura Gardner

As part of Celebrating 90 Years of NC State Education, we asked you to share your stories of why you chose education and why you love the NC State College of Education. Below is one of the many stories we received demonstrating how we’re leading the way in education in North Carolina and beyond.

Name: Laura Gardner
Graduation Year:
Program: Agriculture Education
School: Union County Public Schools (Monroe, N.C.)

Why did you enter the field of education?
Coming from a family of teachers (mom & dad), I sat down with my mom to try and declare a major while applying for colleges. She told me I need to pick something that I think I would love. So what did I love? I loved agriculture. I loved teaching vacation bible school. I loved teaching swimming lessons. I loved coaching swimming. I loved the FFA! Mom said, “It sounds like everything you do pertains to teaching and your biggest love is agriculture. So why don’t you put the two together?” And here I am 11 years, 4 high schools, countless principals and students later. I don’t like it every day – no one said you had to do that – but almost every day I find something that I love about it!

Why did you choose to earn your degree from the NC State College of Education?
NC State was only 1 of two places at the time educating those in the agriculture education field, and it was the best fit for me. I grew up in a one high school county, and I was scared to death to take on the city of Raleigh. However, NC State is more like a family. We learn together, play together, and work together! I was a wonderful experience and one that I would live over again if I had to. BEST DECISION EVER!