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Meet Carrol Warren ’14 EDD: I Have Always Enjoyed Helping Others

Carrol Warren

“I was excited to have the opportunity to teach at the graduate level and help with the coordination of the program from which I graduated: the Adult and Community College EdD,” says the teaching assistant professor. “The program is designed for working professionals, and I truly have a vested interest in helping the program grow and develop leaders for community colleges.”

This is part of a series of profiles of faculty who joined the College of Education in 2017.

Carrol Warren ’14 EDD

Title: Teaching Assistant Professor in Adult and Community College Education
Education: Ed.D. in Adult and Community College Education, North Carolina State; Master of Education, the University of Texas at Austin; and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Meredith College.
Experience: Quality Enhancement Plan Project Administrator/Analyst, Department Chair and Faculty of Arts, Sciences and Learning Resources and Chair of Crisis, Assessment, Response, and Evaluation (CARE) Team, Johnston Community College; Director of Student Support Services and Chair of CARE Team, Johnston Community College; Counselor and Chair of CARE) Johnston Community College; Rehabilitation Counselor, N.C. Division of Vocational Rehabilitation; Special Education Teacher, Johnston County Schools; Crisis Counselor/Intern, Hopeline; Behavioral Program Specialist/Intern, O’Berry Center; and Behavioral Counselor Intern, Meredith College Autism Program.

How I Ended up at the NC State College of Education: I was thrilled to join the NC State College of Education! I am a graduate of the College of Education and value the experiences I had as a student. After several years of teaching at the undergraduate level and working in the North Carolina Community College system, I was excited to have the opportunity to teach at the graduate level and help with the coordination of the program from which I graduated: the Adult and Community College EdD. The program is designed for working professionals and I truly have a vested interest in helping the program grow and develop leaders for community colleges. My passion involves developing the potential of others and I am fortunate to have the opportunity to do that here in the College of Education.

Why I Chose the College of Education: NC State’s College of Education is among the top in the nation. I’m fortunate to be working with award winning faculty in the Educational Leadership, Policy and Human Development department. The department engages in partnerships with the John M. Belk Foundation and the Aspen Institute; the EdD program is a member of the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate. These partnerships and the opportunity to conduct research with the best faculty in the field are the reasons why I was drawn to work in the College of Education.

Why I Chose the Field of Education: I have always enjoyed helping others; my first teaching job was in a middle school and from there I took on an opportunity to help adults work towards their GED. Eventually I was able to serve in leadership roles in the community college setting. By the time I completed my Ed.D. I had been working in a community college serving adult learners for 14 years. I entered the field of education because having a small role in the goals and aspirations established by the adult learners I serve fits my passion and strengths.

Why I Pursued a EdD: I was encouraged by a mentor to return to school to pursue a doctorate degree. At the time, it seemed like the next move necessary to work in a leadership position at the community college. The format for NC State’s Ed.D. Charlotte site was exactly what I needed to be able to both work on my degree and continue working full time. My plan at the time was to obtain the degree so that more opportunities for professional advancement would take place.

My Teaching Philosophy: My teaching philosophy is a student-centered approach. Sixteen years of building credentials, striving for promotions, selection to serve on committees, or acceptance of nominations for awards and leadership trainings will never compare to the moments I have been an active participant in the improvement of students’ lives.

How I Came To Develop This Teaching Philosophy: My teaching philosophy is based on my own values and experiences. Teaching and helping others has brought great satisfaction to me in my career and I celebrate any experience in which a student realizes his or her goals as a reality. I recall two special experiences that fostered the development of my teaching philosophy. The first moment I recall is when a group of students planned an entire event in a selfless effort to thank me for supporting their goals. They had prepared speeches and a PowerPoint presentation that included reasons they felt my contributions to their successes was important; they even had cake to celebrate the occasion. The second event occurred when a group of employees wrote letters to me specifying why they appreciated my leadership and vision for the program. In addition to the letters there were heartfelt sentiments given that have left a lasting impression with me. These gestures on the behalf of students and employees were not necessary; however, they allowed me to visualize the true impact they felt I had on their lives. These two memories are complete validation that any challenges I faced in my efforts to provide guidance and instruction was minimal in comparison to the true accomplishments these students and employees realized. These moments are treasures and I value being fortunate enough to provide guidance and development opportunities for students and employees alike.

What I Hope To Accomplish at the NC State College of Education: My hope is to continue to have an impact on the educational advancement of adult learners. I also enjoy my work coordinating the two doctoral cohort programs and would like to see these programs expand to produce the most effective and valued members of leadership teams in community colleges both internal and external to North Carolina. Goals include spending more time than I’ve had in the past to conduct research in areas that are key to my ability to be an effective member of the College of Education faculty.