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Matthew Starcke ’17 PHD: Connecting Academia and Industry

Longtime higher education administrator Matthew Starcke ’17 PHD has the technical knowledge now he didn’t have before beginning his doctoral studies — and that has opened up more doors of opportunity.

Name: Matthew Starcke

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Field of Study: Ph.D., Educational Research and Policy Analysis

What’s Next: A position at RTI International in the Education and Workforce Development area 

Matthew Starcke
Matthew Starcke

Why I Chose the College of Education: I was interested in pursuing a Ph.D. at a well-regarded program, and NC State’s program certainly fits that bill. More importantly, though, I shared some common research interests with faculty in the program; knowing I’d have an opportunity to work with and learn from them was especially exciting.

What I’ll Miss Most about the College of Education: I’ve enjoyed being able to take advantage of many diverse initiatives — research projects, teaching opportunities, article reviews, etc. These experiences were great learning opportunities, but more importantly they allowed me to work with some fantastic faculty and students, and I’ll miss these folks when I’m gone.

How the College of Education Changed Me: First, I’m walking away with technical know-how that I simply did not possess prior to entering this program, and that know-how has opened career and research opportunities that would not have existed otherwise. But, more importantly, my experience working with and learning from so many fantastic faculty and peer colleagues has been truly incredible.

Why I am in the Field of Education: A career in education allows you to make a difference in the world. Whether you’re a teacher, a faculty member, a researcher, an administrator, or doing some other work associated with education, this work has the potential to make a positive impact both now and in the future.