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Kyle Levine ’17 MED: Confidence is Key

Through challenging coursework and supportive faculty and peers, Kyle Levine ’17 MED learned to think deeper and have faith in his abilities.

Name: Kyle Levine

Hometown: Wadesboro, North Carolina

Field of Study: Master of Education, Higher Education Administration

What’s Next: Working as a student affairs administrator in a college setting 

Kyle Levine
Kyle Levine

Why I Chose the College of Education: Because of the renowned Higher Education Administration program. It’s the best program in North Carolina and very distinguished on a national level. I found that many of the faculty in my program have created and are creating research that impacts the future of higher education.

What I’ll Miss Most About the College: I will definitely miss the community that makes up the College of Education. I have gotten to know many other graduate students, faculty and professionals that have impacted my time here. I am forever grateful for the significant effect this experience has had in my personal and professional life.

My Favorite Class: The Diversity in Higher Education Administration class was one of the courses that had the greatest impact on me. This course challenged me to try to understand and see perspectives outside of the identities that I view the world through every day. As a result, I have learned to challenge my and others assumptions, and continually learn from others.

How the College of Education Changed Me: Since being in the College of Education, I have learned to be more confident in the work that I do. I came into my program not believing in myself; but through gaining knowledge and practical experience, I have learned my worth and value in my field. I have seen myself grow academically and professionally. I owe it to the many graduate students, faculty and other professionals that I met that have challenged me to see other perspectives, pushed me to think deeper and have faith in my abilities.