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Student Giving Profile: Sharod Fenner

Photo by Benjamin Robinson

We’d like to thank those who have supported education through donations to our college! To showcase the importance of your contributions, we sat down with students to discuss the impact that giving has had on their experiences at the College of Education.

Sharod Fenner graduated from the College of Education in May 2016 with an undergraduate degree in technology, engineering and design education.

Why did you choose to attend NC State and the College of Education in particular?

NC State had the most to offer regarding my educational interests, and I fell in love with the College of Education after transferring from the College of Engineering.

The College of Education faculty and advisers truly care about my interests and have been instrumental in helping me to pursue them.

How have the donations of others positively affected your time in the college?

These generous donations have provided me with all of the necessary materials to ensure my success in the college. I’ll always be grateful for the opportunities afforded to me during my four years here.

Do you plan to give back to the College of Education after graduation?

Of course! I believe that it is very important to give back as a graduate because it’s our way of saying thank you and paying it forward to someone else. Even the smallest donation can make a large impact on someone’s life.

Why do you think giving back to the College of Education is so important?

I believe giving back to the College of Education is important because it shows our appreciation for the time and effort that the staff and administration have spent to ensure our successful completion of the programs.

What would you say to others who are considering giving but haven’t yet?

I would ask them to imagine if all of the donors who have contributed to the college thus far had decided that they didn’t want to give back anymore.

We need our donors to keep the College of Education competitive with other programs and to help ensure that we can provide the necessary materials and support to do so.


For more information on giving please visit, call 919-515-7827 or give directly to the College of Education Excellence Fund through our secure online portal.