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Student Giving Profile: Melissa Goto

Photo by Benjamin Robinson

We’d like to thank those who have supported education through donations to our college! To showcase the importance of your contributions, we sat down with students to discuss the impact that giving has had on their experiences in the College of Education.

Melissa Goto is a rising senior studying elementary education.

Why did you choose to attend NC State and the College of Education in particular?

I chose to attend NC State because of the College of Education. Besides offering a rigorous and unique elementary education program, I knew that the college would provide me with the support needed to be successful.

From the outside looking in, one would never think that a large university like NC State would be able to foster such a tight-knit community, but that is exactly what the College of Education provides.

How have the donations of others positively affected your time in the college?

Generous donations have helped shape our college into what we know and love today. I’m thankful for those who have given to the community where I live, learn and grow.

These donations have contributed to scholarship and student enrichment programs that have personally supported my journey to becoming an educator. Furthermore, this support has encouraged me to pursue my goals, knowing that others believe and invest in what I am working toward.

Why do you think giving back to the College of Education is so important?

Those who have experienced the support of donors in the college know the difference it can make; thus, they should be inspired to give back and provide that same support for someone else’s benefit.

Serving as a chancellor’s aide has given me a new appreciation for the lifelong relationships that alumni can build with the university. This special connection to NC State is something that I hope for and already feel within me.

I feel moved to give back to what was given to me; thus, I plan on donating to the college after I graduate. I want to help our college continue to flourish, so others can experience the same opportunities and support that I have been fortunate enough to have.

What would you say to others who are considering giving but haven’t yet?

Every little bit helps! The College of Education has the potential to drastically influence the lives not only of college students but also of their future pupils, as graduates shape young minds and contribute to the education system.

I want our college to keep developing and growing stronger, and this cannot be achieved without the generosity of donors.

For more information on giving please visit, call 919-515-7827 or give directly to the College of Education Excellence Fund through our secure online portal.