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Scholarship Impact: Boone & Koballa Fellowships

KandalecEdgar J. & Ethel B. Boone Adult & Community College Leadership Fellowship

Katherine Kandalec
Ed.D. Student, Adult and Community College Education
Hometown: Muskegon, Michigan

What are your educational & career goals?
A faculty position teaching career and technical education teachers with a research agenda focusing on access to and the perceptions of career and technical education.

What are some of your recent accomplishments? 
Recently presented the pilot studies of my dissertation research at the International Society for the Scientific Study of Subjectivity Conference in Ancona, Italy, and have been accepted to present a similar study at the upcoming AERA (American Educational Research Association) conference in Washington, DC in the spring. Throughout past three years of graduate studies, have presented at 13 conferences and have three publications.

Why did you choose NC State?
I chose NC State based on the reputation of the faculty in my field and the support available to an out of state graduate student. My choice of major was based on my passion for equal educational opportunities for students who do not choose the “traditional” college route.

What is your favorite thing about NC State and the College of Education? 
The support of the faculty and staff. Over the past three years, many of my professors now feel more like friends. Friends who can provide the guidance and support necessary to navigate academia while at the same time pushing and inspiring me.

Can you tell me the benefits of receiving this scholarship and how the assistance has been helpful so far?  
As an out-of-state student, this scholarship is critical in supporting the additional travel expenses incurred as I finish my coursework and begin the proposal and dissertation process. In addition, it will provide support for the final phase of my program as I enter the job search phase through the dissemination of my research as I attend conferences and network.

Robin Ross

The Thomas R. & Dorothy E. Koballa Fellowship

Robin L Ross
Ed.D, Student, Adult Education & Community College Leadership
Current Residence: Hudson, NC

What are your educational & career goals?
My educational goal is to complete my doctoral studies with the intent of pursuing a position as a VP or President of a community college in the North Carolina System. I am humbled and very appreciative that I have been chosen to receive this award. This award has special meaning to me because I am a graduate of the community college system and my success is due in large part to the quality education I received while pursuing my AAS degree in Respiratory Therapy from Catawba Valley Community College.

Why did you choose NC State?
I chose the NC State program because of the excellent reputation NC State has in the educational community. Another key factor was that the program was offered in an executive style, hybrid format that fit my schedule as a full-time working professional.

Why did you choose your major?
I chose this major because I love teaching adults in the community college system, and I believe in the mission of the community college. Although I am a distance student, NC State and the College of Education has offered numerous opportunities for me to attend various on and off-campus functions. The College of Education and NC State have gone out of their way to be inclusive. My program faculty have been incredibly helpful in helping me gain professional exposure and find opportunities for professional development.

Can you tell me the benefits of receiving this scholarship and how the assistance has been helpful so far?  
This award will help me continue my studies as an EdD student in the Adult, Workforce and Continuing Education program. I am passionate about the role education education can play in an individuals life and I will continue to be a strong advocate for community college education. My future career aspirations include becoming a vice-president or president in the North Carolina community college system.