Scholarships Available: Find out more about the Elementary Education Math Specialist Master’s Program

Diane Hunter

The first 20 accepted applicants to the 2016 cohort of Master’s program in Elementary Education will receive a $2000 scholarship. It is designed for those who hold a current teaching license and offered through a cohort model. This cohort model supports the development of a strong professional community among participants. Students graduating from the program earn a mathematics specialist add-on designation to their K-6 NC teaching license.

The application deadline for summer admission has been extended, we want to take the opportunity to highlight this program by spotlighting one of its students. We talked to Diane Hunter, graduating in May, who is currently teaching fifth grade at Lake Myra Elementary School.


Why did you pursue getting the Elementary Mathematics Specialist Add-on License?
I have been interested in bettering my teaching to help students understand math. The add-on license would allow me to share my new knowledge as a math coach.

Why did you choose to get your masters degree at NC State?
I went to NC State for my bachelor’s and I know that what I would be learning would be quality and applicable to what I would be doing in the classroom.

What was the most impactful lesson you learned in this program?
Never Say Anything a Kid Can Say. This was a short article that we read in the first class we took; it has impacted all aspects of my teaching to let the kids take control of their learning. They see the value in the classroom because it is their job to put it into their own words.

What would you say to a future student who is considering applying for the program?
The work is meaningful and there is a wealth of knowledge to gain from the instructors that will help you while in the classroom during the program and then continue to help you and your students later.

What continuously motivates you to teach?
The kids and their excitement to learn.