5 Questions on the Elementary Education Math Specialist Master’s Program

The Master’s program in Elementary Education is designed for those who hold a current teaching license and offered through a cohort model. This cohort model supports the development of a strong professional community among participants. Students graduating from the program earn a mathematics specialist add-on designation to their K-6 NC teaching license.

With the application deadline for summer admission right around the corner, we want to take the opportunity to highlight this program by spotlighting one of its alumnae. We talked to Vanessa Rossitz, ’15, who is currently teaching third grade at Hodge Road Elementary.

Why did you pursue getting the Elementary Mathematics Specialist Add-on License?

I pursued the add-on license because I thought it would be a great opportunity to collaborate with other educators around Wake County. Having a program designed specifically for us to connect, work together and share ideas was a crucial and beneficial part for me when deciding to start this program.

Why did you choose to get your masters degree at NC State? 

The degree program offered at NC State made it easy for me to work full-time. The classes were very relatable and relevant to what I was trying to accomplish in my own classroom. No other graduate program I looked at was as flexible and relevant to what I was implementing within my classroom.

What was the most impactful lesson you learned in this program?

I would have to say the most impactful lesson I learned is to not be afraid to try something new in my classroom. Taking my math class into a new direction for my students, has shown me so many new things that I never knew my students could accomplish.

What would you say to a future student who is considering applying for the program?

To any student who is considering this program, I would like to say that you will never be disappointed or overwhelmed. This program is designed to challenge you and examine the way that you have been teaching math.

What continuously motivates you to teach?

My students. When I see them understand a topic in math or want to find out more about something, it brings me such joy. Everything I have learned in being a part of this program has positively influenced my current students and the future ones that I will have.


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