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Four Questions With Graduating Master’s Student Katy Cobb


In December, we recognize and congratulate our students who will receive their degrees during fall commencement.

To celebrate their achievements, we’ll feature some of our outstanding students and share their postgraduation plans throughout the month.

Katy Cobb is a Master of Education student studying elementary education. She’ll complete her program this December.

When did you begin your studies at NC State? I began my studies in January 2014.

What has been your best memory during your time here? My best memory here can’t be isolated to a single event. There have been exceptional moments spent with amazing professors like Dr. Conradi, Dr. Osborne, Dr. Carrier and Dr. Scherrer that have impacted my teaching in monumental ways.

Each time I left one of these classes, I felt as though I could walk into my classroom the next day and begin to effect change and growth in my own students. That’s an incredible feeling to have considering the current climate of public education.

What do you plan to do after graduation? I initially believed I wanted to be an academic coach. However, after completing my studies at NC State, I will stay on in the classroom.  My coursework here has shown me that I can be a more powerful force for students in my day-to-day instruction and interactions with them. 

How do you think the College of Education has prepared you to re-enter the field? My courses through the College of Education have prepared me not only to teach students more effectively but also to continue seeking more professional growth opportunities through research and collaboration in order to truly be a lifelong learner.