The ELPHD department focuses on cutting-edge research that makes a real difference when put into practice. Award-winning faculty and students work together to give leaders effective tools to solve current issues in education.

With a wide range of focus topics, the ELPHD department is at the forefront of research that gives leaders in education the tools to succeed in the 21st century. By collaborating across campus and throughout the world, students and faculty have access to necessary resources and funding that enable them to work together on expertly managed projects that make a real impact.

Changing the Way Leaders Think

ELPHD students and faculty utilize applied theory, rigorous research, professional ethics and data-driven best practices to work on a wide array of research topics. Through collaboration across campus, the nation and the world, collective minds are put to the task of advancing leadership in regards to policy, higher education, counselor education and workforce development. This hands-on experience is crucial to taking learning out of the university classroom environment and into the field where it can be tested and improved upon.

ELPHD research concentrates on:

  • K-12 Education Research Topics
  • Literacy and STEM Topics
  • Policy and Evaluation Topics

The College of Education assists ELPHD researchers throughout the life of their projects – from identifying funding resources, project and budget planning, and analyzing and preparing requests for proposals, to partner identification and facilitation as well as internal and external proposal processing. As research makes up an essential component of the department, we are always looking for quality research partners and prospective faculty who are excited to work with us.