Why We Chose Education

We're celebrating our 90th academic year in 2017-18. As we prepare for upcoming festivities, we're collecting stories from alumni, students, faculty and staff about why they chose to work in the field of education and why they chose the NC State College of Education. Read what some of you have said and share your own story.

LaTeisha Jeannis '07: My Teachers Became My Parents

"As a high school student who was at risk my teachers became my parents. They made a huge difference in my beliefs regarding the importance of education and continued to pour into me as I went through school. They kept up with me in regards to my success and personal matters and showed me that they truly cared. Definitely made a difference in my life and I wanted to do the same for someone else." -- LaTeisha Jeannis 07, assistant principal at Garner Magnet High School

Nate Jewkes: I Want To Learn How To Teach Math Better

“Dr. Karen Keene [a professor of mathematics education] and I connected at a research conference on undergraduate education. I talked to her and some of the students, and I liked the research going on here. It seemed to be a good fit for my interests. I want to focus my research on mathematics education at the college level. I want to learn more about how people learn at the college level and how to teach mathematics at that level.” — Nate Jewkes, a Ph.D. student in STEM education

Lilia Acio: I Want to Better Help My Students

“I have seen how [New Literacies and Global Learning] would be a good way for me to give better support for my students. I will get more in depth knowledge about how the curriculum works, and I know the College of Education would best help me help my students because the college is one of the most prestigious in North Carolina and the country.” — Lilia Acio, a 2nd grade teacher with the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools and a master’s student in New Literacies and Global Learning

Kelsey Metcalf: Education is About the Kids

“Education is truly rewarding, and it’s not just about a monetary reward. It’s about the kids and how much they learn. You want to change their lives and give them new opportunities. It’s all for the kids.” — Kelsey Metcalf, a middle grades education major from Asheville

Abigail Earp: I Want To Help Students Change the World

“I chose the field of education because I want to inspire the next generation. I want to help students pursue their dreams and change the world.” — Abigail Earp, a double major in mathematics education and mathematics from Lenoir

Bredell Moody: I Want to Effect Change

"I want to effect change; I want to study more about empathy and the role that empathy plays in our lives. I want to help more people. The college is going to help me do that.” — Bredell Moody, a licensed professional counselor and Ph.D. student in counselor education

Madeline Cole: I Wanted A Strong STEM Component

“One of the reasons I chose the NC State College of Education is because I was impressed by the strong STEM component. Also, the advisors are super personable and make this feel like home.” — Madeline Cole, an elementary education major from Mount Airy

James Daniels: I Want Make A Difference on a Larger Scale

“I love teaching. . . and I see the political, social and academic issues that we have in schools all over the country. I want to make a difference on a larger scale.” — James Daniels, a double major in middle grades language arts and social studies and science education from Selma

Katharine Higginson: I Love the Open Arms Atmosphere

“The NC State College of Education is ranked highly, and I was really impressed with that. I came to the Open House and everyone was so welcoming and so kind, and I loved the open arms atmosphere.” — Katharine Higginson, an elementary education major from Raleigh

Braska Williams '89: I Wanted to Change the World for Students of Color

“I decided that I would change the world for students of color in STEM by becoming a math teacher since few people ever see a black man as a math teacher.” -- Braska Williams'89, director of NC State’s NC-MSEN, or the North Carolina Mathematics and Science Education Network Pre-College Program

Meecha Jackson: Digital Teaching & Learning is the Way of the Future

“Digital teaching and learning is the way of the future. Twenty years ago online learning was just something people did randomly. And I have a lot of colleagues who graduated from the college in my ear buzzing about the great things the college is doing. Plus, it’s affordable. You get more bang for your buck here.” — Meecha Jackson, a career and technical teacher at Millbrook High School in Raleigh and a master’s student in Learning Design and Technology

Samantha Simon: I Want to Help Counselors Change the World

"I want to understand what theoretical approaches master’s level counselors in the field take to help their clients and how their previous trauma affects their interactions with clients. . . . And I want to become an advocate for the profession and help counselors change the world in every possible way.” — Samantha Simon, a first-year Ph.D. student in counselor education