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Yadkin Wolfpack Literacy Partnership

Eighteen Yadkin County Schools teachers earned their master's degree from the NC State College of Education through the Yadkin Wolfpack Literacy Partnership

Jun 9, 2022

‘We’re Not Only Stronger Teachers, But We’re Stronger Leaders:’ 18 Teachers Earn Master’s Degrees, Become Literacy Leaders Through Yadkin Wolfpack Literacy Partnership

Three teachers who earned their master’s degree from the College of Education through the Yadkin Wolfpack Literacy Partnership share how the experience changed their instruction and how they are becoming literacy leaders in their schools. 

Becky Dorman

Apr 27, 2022

Becky Dorman ’22MED: ‘I Want to Foster Change in My District and Learn How to Better Support All My Students’

Becky Dorman '22MED took advantage of the lessons she learned through the Yadkin Wolfpack Literacy Partnership to provide a unique Walk for Water learning experience to her students. 

The Literacy Space

Apr 18, 2022

College of Education Scholars Highlight What Teachers Know About Reading Instruction, Comprehension Through Recent Publications

Faculty members in the NC State College of Education have co-authored a series of new papers that focus on what teachers know about literacy instruction and take an asset-based approach to professional development. 

A student and teacher work together as part of the Yadkin Wolfpack Literacy Partnership

May 28, 2021

EdNC: Wolfpack Readers Tutoring Program Gives Teachers Hands-on Experience While Students Gain Reading Skills

The Wolfpack Readers after school-school tutoring program is part of the Yadkin Wolfpack Literacy Partnership (YWLP) between the NC State College of Education and Yadkin County Schools (YCS) designed to improve reading proficiency in the district by helping teachers… 

Nov 20, 2020

Mebane Foundation: Yadkin Wolfpack Literacy Partnership: Equipping Teachers to be Literacy Leaders

Yadkin County School educators share their experiences so far in the Yadkin Wolfpack Literacy Partnership, a cohort-based Master of Education program that allows teachers to gain the expertise needed to effectively implement evidence-based literacy instruction, assessment and intervention in the elementary grades. 

Teacher at Friday Institute Partner School

Feb 20, 2020

How NC State’s College of Education Helps In-Service Teachers Across North Carolina Succeed

The NC State College of Education graduates educators who rate among the best in statewide performance measures. But our work to prepare extraordinary educators extends beyond pre-service teachers. From professional development opportunities to advanced degree programs for in-service teachers across North Carolina, programs and partnerships with public school districts are working to ensure that all students receive a high-quality education. 

Associate Professor of Literacy Education Dennis Davis, Ph.D.

Nov 19, 2019

EdNC: Mebane Foundation grant supports Wolfpack Literacy Partnership and Yadkin County Schools

The NC State College of Education's Yadkin Wolfpack Literacy Partnership with help 20 teachers with Yadkin County Schools receive training to become experts in implementing evidence-based literacy instruction.