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Paula McAvoy

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Dec 3, 2019

Ask The Expert: Can I Discuss the Impeachment Inquiry in My Classroom? Assistant Professor Paula McAvoy Shares Why Discussion is an Important Learning Tool

Assistant Professor Paula McAvoy, Ph.D., shares reasons why teachers should address sensitive political issues, like the recent impeachment inquiry, in the classroom and offers advice on facilitating these discussions. 

Nov 27, 2019

The Conversation: Students Should Learn About Impeachment in School – Here’s How to Make it Work

NC State College of Education Assistant Professor Paula McAvoy, Ph.D., offers three suggestions for teachers struggling with the challenges and ethics of bringing politics into the classroom amid the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.  

Nov 21, 2019

Education Dive: 5 Steps To Addressing Impeachment in Classroom Discussions

Paula McAvoy, Ph.D., assistant professor of social studies education, gives advice on how teachers can support productive classroom dialogue around the impeachment process.  

Cupcakes served at the Dessert with Democracy event at the NC State College of Education

Nov 19, 2019

‘Dessert with Democracy’ Helps Educators See the Value of Classroom Discussion Through Open Forum for Community

Assistant Professor Paula McAvoy, Ph.D., and Assistant Professor Christy Byrd, Ph.D., provided a forum for discussion and helped College of Education students see the benefits of classroom discussion during the “Dessert with Democracy” event. 

Nov 8, 2019

Associated Press: House Impeachment Inquiry Becomes Teachable Moment Across U.S.

Paula McAvoy, Ph.D., an assistant professor of social studies education at the NC State College of Education, discusses what teachers should do if students inquire about their political views. 

Court of North Carolina

Feb 7, 2019

Assistant Professor Paula McAvoy on Facilitating Classroom Discussions

In this Q&A, Assistant Professor Paula McAvoy discusses some of the ethical dilemmas teachers face when they introduce controversial issues into the classroom. She will present her talk “The Ethics of Steering Classroom Discussions” as part of the Ethics Across the Disciplines Lecture Series hosted by the Parr Center for Ethics on Feb. 25. 

Aug 17, 2018

Meet Paula McAvoy: I’m Committed to Research That Helps Teachers Do Their Best Work

"I decided to return to a faculty position because I want to focus on research and teaching. NC State’s land-grant mission appeals to my commitment to conduct research that helps teachers do their best work," says the new assistant professor of social studies.