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Joanna Ali

NC State College of Education Associate Professor DeLeon Gray

Oct 23, 2023

Associate Professor DeLeon Gray, Doctoral Students Outline Path for Communally Engaged Educational Psychology in New Publication

Associate Professor DeLeon Gray, along with several of his mentees from the College of Education as well as Michigan State University, are hoping to provide guidance for educational psychologists engaging in community-focused work through a concept they call a communal philosophy of engagement. 

May 3, 2023

Doctoral Student Joanna Ali Guides iScholar Students to Victory, Advances Her Research Through Work with iScholar Program

Educators do not always get an opportunity to follow their students throughout multiple years of their educational journey. However, through her work with iScholar, NC State College of Education doctoral student Joanna Ali has had the opportunity to witness a group of Durham students achieve multiple successes from middle school to high school. 

High school student and iScholar participant Mikal Ali works on a project at his computer

Nov 11, 2021

The Education Trust: Redefining College and Career Readiness Through Critical Design

NC State College of Education doctoral students Joanna Ali and Kia Allah discuss how the iScholar youth program has demonstrated ways that educators and stakeholders can redefine the way they think about the future of their students by using a critical design process. 

High school student and iScholar participant Mikal Ali works on a project at his computer

Nov 4, 2021

‘Being Part of This Helped Me Know That You Can Do Big Things:’ Students, Teachers Grow Through Associate Professor DeLeon Gray’s iScholar Project

Every Monday evening, Mikal Ali, a student in the International Baccalaureate program at Hillside High School in Durham, has a standing phone call with Associate Professor DeLeon Gray. He is one of many students who has been impacted by Gray and his ongoing iScholar project.