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Counseling and Counselor Education

Felix Morton IV

Dec 7, 2023

Felix Morton IV ’23PHD: ‘I Chose Counseling Because I Wanted to Become What I Needed Most Growing Up’

When Felix Morton IV entered the counseling profession, his goal was to become the Black male therapist and educator he wished he had growing up. 

Meet NC State Holmes Scholars

Sep 29, 2023

2 Doctoral Students Selected to Join NC State College of Education’s Holmes Scholars Program

NC State’s College of Education has selected two new doctoral students to participate in the NC State Holmes Scholars Program chapter: Patricia Ambrose and Zacchaeus Martin. 

Photo of Derek Just

May 25, 2022

Creating Bright Futures Through Online Programs

Derek Just ’22MED gained hands-on counseling experience while earning his master’s degree online, and he hopes to use what he learned to help students prepare for their futures. 

Apr 27, 2022

Adam Brandt ’22PHD: ‘Education Never Gets Old, and There’s Always Something New to Find’

Adam Brandt ’22PHD believes he will never be done learning. When he was hearing his master’s degree, he realized that he wanted to be like the faculty members he was learning from and thought it would be exciting to earn a terminal degree in his field.  

Feb 17, 2022

#WhyIChoseEducation: ‘Choosing Counselor Education Means That I’m Educating Those Future School Counselors Who are Going to be in the School System for the Next 50 Years,’ Says BJ Durham ‘22PHD

BJ Durham ‘22PHD, a graduate assistant in the Office of Graduate Student Success and a self-described “counselor at heart,” works hard to help graduate students in the NC State College of Education thrive. 

NC State College of Education Assistant Teaching Professor Terri Tilford

Jan 5, 2022

Meet Assistant Teaching Professor Terri Tilford: ‘I Hope Students Learn From Me the Joy of Learning, How to Effectively Help Others and How to Identify and Develop Their Niche in Counseling’

Terri Tilford joined the NC State College of Education as an assistant teaching professor of counseling and counselor education in January 2022. 

NC State College of Education doctoral student Harley Locklear

Nov 3, 2021

Doctoral Student Harley Locklear is Advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Through Scholarship and Programming in School Counseling

As a member of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina, Harley Locklear has become hyper-aware of the inequities faced by his people and other minoritized groups regarding opportunity, access and resources since leaving his tribal territory. 

NC State College of Education Doctoral Student Demah Payne '20PHD

Nov 24, 2020

Meet Demah Payne ‘20PHD: ‘I Am Passionate About Helping Others Who Have Mental Health Concerns’

Demah Payne ‘20PHD has always been intrigued with the mind and enjoyed understanding why and how people think the way they do. That interest, combined with his passion for helping people with mental health concerns, led him to pursue a Ph.D. in counseling and counselor education from the NC State College of Education. 

New wolf statue on central campus.

Nov 19, 2020

NC State College of Education Celebrates Alumni, Doctoral Students who Serve as Counselors in Local Schools for American Education Week

The NC State College of Education recognizes five of its doctoral students and alumni for their contributions and commitment to education, serving as advocates and counselors in local schools and communities as part of American Education Week. 

Meet Our Incoming Students

Aug 18, 2020

Meet Our Incoming Students: Three of Our Newest Graduate Students

The NC State College of Education welcomed over 450 graduate students this fall. Meet three of the college’s newest graduate students -- each of them coming from various backgrounds and professions.