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action research

What is social studies? NC State College of Education Associate Professor Meghan Manfra answers the question

Oct 15, 2020

Ask the Expert: What is Social Studies? A Way to Provide Students with ‘Good Background Knowledge and Skills’ to Participate in Democratic Society, Says Associate Professor Meghan Manfra

What is social studies? Associate Professor Meghan Manfra, Ph.D., explains why it’s important for students to receive a quality social studies education and how educators can use technology and address media literacy in the classroom. 

NC State College of Education Associate Professor Meghan Manfra

Feb 5, 2020

New Book from Associate Professor Meghan Manfra Guides Teachers Through the Cycle of Action Research

Action Research for Classrooms, Schools, and Communities, a research methods text authored by Associate Professor Meghan Manfra, Ph.D., is asking teachers to consider the “educational ecosystem” as they engage in action research studies. 

Meghan Manfra

Nov 19, 2019

Associate Professor Meghan Manfra Aims to Improve Teaching with Primary Resources, Student Outcomes Through Library of Congress Grant

Teaching with primary sources can often be challenging for social studies teachers, which is why Associate Professor Meghan Manfra, Ph.D., plans to use a new grant from the Library of Congress to engage educators in action research as they teach and also study student outcomes. 

Meghan Manfra

Jun 27, 2019

Article, Spencer Foundation Grant Aim to Prove Benefits of Teacher Inquiry Through Action Research

Do students benefit when educators engage in intentional inquiry about their teaching practices? A recent article and grant-funded project from NC State College of Education Associate Professor of Social Studies Education Meghan Manfra, Ph.D., explore the impacts of action research. 

Court of North Carolina

Dec 19, 2018

New White Paper Serves as Beginner’s Guide to Practitioner Research in Social Studies

In the white paper “Moving Our Field Forward: Practitioner Research in the Social Studies,” Associate Professor Meghan Manfra and colleagues offer an introductory guide to practitioner research for social studies educators. This free open resource for educators -- available to download now -- explains how practitioner research can improve social studies practice and shares representative examples from the field to encourage implementation.