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Cherry Crayton

Jazhar Fields

Sep 13, 2023

N&O: NC Schools Have More Than 3,500 Teaching Vacancies. How Can the State Get More Teachers?

Jahzar Fields could have majored in business administration, psychology or any of a number of fields he had considered to get a high-paying job after he graduates from NC State University. Instead, Fields is an education major who plans to return to the Wilmington area to teach in a high-needs school to inspire other Black young people. 

Boxes of crayons

Sep 11, 2023

N&O: How Can We Attract Young People to Teaching? N&O and NC State Will Host Candid Conversation

The News & Observer and N.C. State University’s College of Education are hosting a candid conversation about the teaching profession and attracting students to teaching on Monday, Sept. 18. 

Tom Williams

Sep 11, 2023

2023 Friday Medal Awarded to North Carolina Educational Leader Tom Williams

he Friday Institute for Educational Innovation has selected Tom Williams, president of Strategic Educational Alliances, Inc., to receive its 2023 Friday Medal award. 

Gen Z on Teaching Profession

Sep 7, 2023

College of Education, The N&O to Host Event on the State of Teaching Profession Sept. 18

Join the College of Education and The (Raleigh) News & Observer for a candid conversation with future teachers about the state of the teaching profession on Sept. 18 at 6:30 p.m. in the Talley Student Union. 

CBS17 Teaching shortage video graphic

Sep 5, 2023

CBS17: Data Shows Fewer Teaching Graduates Nationwide, but NC State Bucking that Trend

Terry Hennings

Jul 31, 2023

Meet Our 2022-2023 Award-Winning Alumni

The most promising new teachers in North Carolina. Counselors and educational leaders transforming their schools. Two of the nine regional teachers of the year. Meet the NC State College of Education alumni who are being honored for the excellence they demonstrate in the field of the education and the impact they make on the lives of their students. 

elementary school student at desk with laptop

May 22, 2023 ‘I Didn’t Know How to Spell’: NC Teachers Take on Renewed Way to Teach Reading

Jill Grifenhagen, an associate professor in literacy education at NC State’s College of Education, talks with WRAL about how the teaching of reading. 

Student typing on a laptop in a classroom

May 18, 2023

WFAE: How ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence are Impacting Education

WFAE spoke with a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools educator and two tech experts, including College of Education Assistant Professor Shiyan Jiang, to learn the pros and cons of artificial intelligence in education. 

Graduating Student London Tolson holding up wolf ears

May 2, 2023

Meet Our Class of 2023

A proud Wolfpack mom celebrating her son and daughter’s graduation. A community college leader. Impactful researchers and future teachers. These are just some of the almost 360 new alumni the NC State College of Education will celebrate during our Spring 2023 Graduation Ceremony on May 5. 

Transformational Scholars for EdNC

Apr 6, 2023

EdNC | Dean Sztajn: Providing High-quality Teachers Who Stay in the Classroom

Creative and effective solutions that strengthen what is already working and generate new initiatives that address the current crisis in the teaching workforce are urgent, writes College of Education Dean Paola Sztajn in a Perspective for EdNC. These solutions also need to attend to the quality of teacher preparation in order to best serve our students, particularly those most vulnerable.