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Supporters: Deborah Seate


Alumna Deborah Seate has expressed her gratitude to her aunt and uncle, Elois and Allie Mack Clayton (pictured left), by helping the college support students who need extra financial help—just as she did when she was younger. Seate’s aunt and uncle adopted one of her brothers, raised another and periodically provided a safe haven for the whole family. The teachers who encouraged Seate throughout grade school also made a lasting impact on her. Under their tutelage, she worked hard to get into college as a first-generation university student. Once Seate arrived at NC State’s College of Education, she kept working hard, putting herself through school with work-study programs and financial aid. NC State’s valuable economic assistance made all the difference in Seate’s life, and in 1974 she received a bachelor of science in mathematics education. Three years later, she started giving back to her alma mater, and in 2007 she established an endowment — the Elois and Allie Mack Clayton Scholarship. The endowed scholarship provides need-based awards for undergraduates majoring in mathematics or science education. Seate is giving current and future students the same kind of financial support and opportunity to succeed from which she benefited.

“The scholarship honors the teachers who made me feel valued, and it honors my aunt and uncle, who provided so much love and security to me and my brothers. My philosophy is, ‘Education opens doors, and if we want to change the world, it begins with a solid education.”