Transfer Connections

Whether you’re currently a student at another institution, or simply in another College here at NC State, we welcome you to the College of Education!

Students that are currently enrolled in other NC State programs or Colleges are considered “Intracampus Transfer Students,” and should visit the NC State CODA website to find more information about the transfer process between Colleges.

Students currently enrolled at another institution are considered “External Transfer Students,” and can find more information about the application and admissions process through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Early Academic Advising

If you’re thinking of applying for either intracampus or external transfer, we strongly encourage you to contact us so that we can have you meet with an academic advisor as early as possible.  An advisor can provide you with an overview of the curriculum you are interested in, and help you decipher equivalencies from any previous coursework.  We can also share pertinent information regarding required testing such as the Praxis, and specific program GPA and course benchmarks.

Transfer Course Equivalencies

If you have completed coursework at institutions other than NC State, you may be wondering how, or if, you can receive credit toward our degree requirements.  For general equivalency information, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions maintains a Transfer Equivalency Database where you can search course equivalencies from other institutions, both domestic and abroad.  There is also a spreadsheet listing all course equivalencies from the North Carolina Community Colleges.

Support and Engagement

We want to be a part of your journey from application to graduation, and every step in between.  When you meet with your advisor, you will hear more about our “Transfer Network,” a group dedicated to academic and social support and engagement specifically for transfer students.