2017-2018 Faculty Grants

Hollebrands, Karen; McCulloch, Allison; DeCuir Gunby, Jessica
“A Transformation Approach to Congruence and Similarity: Designing Technology-Enabled Units and Investigating Their Effects”
Sponsored by NSF/DRK12
$2, 299,995

Davis, Dennis
“Intensified Reading Instruction Embedded within Disciplinary Inquiry”
Sponsored by NCSU Faculty Research and Professional Development

Faulkner, Valerie; Duca, Alina; Walkowiak, Temple; Wilson, Jonee
“Building Professional Acumen of Elementary Teachers and Principals to Systematically Support the Implementation of the Common Core State Standards Mathematics (BullPack)”
Sponsored by UNC-GA

Hunt, Jessica
“CAREER: Fraction Activities and Assessments for Conceptual Teaching (FAACT) for Students with Learning Disabilities”
Sponsored by NSF-Career
$ 412,642

Manfra, Meghan
“The NC History Curriculum Design Project Overview”
Sponsored by NC Department of Public Instruction

McConnell, David; Nietfeld, John
“Recalibrating Student Learning in Introductory Geoscience Courses Through the Use of a Web-Based Assessment Tool”
Sponsored by NSF Improving Undergraduate STEM Education
$299, 995

Sabornie, Edward; Crossland, Cathy
“A Longitudinal Examination of Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) in North Carolina Public Schools”
Sponsored by NC Department of Public Instruction
$130, 962

Spires, Hiller
“Connecting to the Future: A Cross-Cultural Partnership Between Educators in NC and China”
Sponsored by Wuzhong Group