2015 Graduate Students’ Presentations

Brinkley, B. R. (2015, March). A classroom on one: The Ed Lab experience and equity. National PDS Conference, Atlanta, G.A.

Bonnot, L., Cadran, A., Coe, J., Loomis, K., & Weeks, T. (2015). Shining examples of OER: Stories from the field. Poster session presented at iNACOL Annual Symposium, Orlando, FL.

Cadran, A. et al. (2015). OER in public education: Trends, challenges, and applications. Poster session presented at OER Summit, San Diego County, CA.

Spires, H. A., Graham, A. C. K., & Kerkhoff, S. N. (2015, December). Massive Open Online Classes (MOOCs) and their MOOC-like relatives: Future possibilities for literacy instruction in open, online spaces. Symposium paper presented at the 65th Annual Meeting of Literacy Research Association, Carlsbad, CA.

Spires, H. A., Graham, A. C. K., & Kerkhoff, S. N. (2015, July). Teaching disciplinary literacy to promote deeper learning through a massive Online Open Course. Paper presented at The Conference, Madrid, Spain.

Graham, A. C. K. & Kerkhoff, S. N. (2015, March). Reading like a literacy critic with I Am Malala. Paper presented at the North Carolina Research Association Conference, Raleigh, NC.

Grifenhagen, J. F., & Jones, J. S. (2015, December). Examining picture-referencing strategies for vocabulary learning during book reading. Roundtable to be presented at the Literacy Research Association Conference, Carlsbad, CA.

Kerkhoff, S. N., Aleman, M.K., Kemp, K., & Tharrington, K. (2015, March). Teaching methods and literacy strategies in the content areas. Professional development 2-day workshop presented at Mopan High School, Benque, Belize.