Awards and High-Impact Work

TELS Graduate Students’ Awards and High-Impact Work 2017

Boles, Susie

  • Collaborations with multiple departments to build their departmental websites and online courses.
  • Serving as a technology coordinator for the Junior League of Greensboro on their Executive Committee and Board.

Boulden, Danielle

  • Working with Pitt County Schools’ Media and Technology Department to guide/mentor all district media specialists in action research.

Davis, Rebekah

  • Initiated into NC State’s chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education.
  • In fall 2017, I worked with teachers in Alamance county to bring high engagement strategies and technology infused lessons to middle school students. For example, the teachers and I planned and co-taught lessons using seminar discussions to analyze literature. Some of the discussions were technology enhanced, using a tech tool for a back-channel discussion. Another notable experience from this fall was our lessons that used BreakoutEDU boxes, which require groups of students to examine content (this time it was the American Revolution) and work collaboratively to solve puzzles that open locks and allow them to “break out.”


  • Provost’s Doctoral Fellowship
  • Honorable Mention for the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program
  • Research assistant for the nonprofit School-to-School International, examining the research underlying the Whole Child Model as well as the implementations of this model worldwide.
  • Invited guest speaker at Broughton High School in Raleigh to discuss educational systems abroad.

Filson, Nicolette

  • Graduate Research Symposium Winner in the Education category.

Fletcher, Shane

  • 2017 Middle Grades Award for Outstanding Dissertation Research from the American Educational Research (AERA).

Gosek, Amanda

  • Winner of the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

Kessler, Sarah

  • Winner of the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

Johnson, Oriana

  • TELS 2017 Graduate Student Travel Support Grant, $1000

Jones, Jill S.

  • TELS Graduate Student Award 2016-2017

Kerkhoff, Shea

  • Shea was one of three finalists for the International Literacy Association (ILA) Outstanding Dissertation Award for 2017.

Kessler, Sarah

  • Winner of the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

Long, Evan

  • This spring I have been facilitating professional development workshops in NH, MA, and NC with various school districts training teachers on how to create inquiry-based learning experiences in their classrooms.

McCoy, Whitney

  • Winner of the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

Medlock Paul, Casey

  • College of Education’s Dissertation Proposal Award.

Moore, Rob

  • 2016 AECT Annual conference. Division of Distance Learning (DDL) Journal Award (3rd place, Application-based category), AECT.
    This award recognizes an outstanding article published in the last three years that describes best practices in distance education or research on an important aspect of distance education.
    Article is: Moore, R.L. (2014). Importance of developing community for distance education courses. TechTrends, 58(2), 20-24. Available at:
  • Immersive Learning Award (Non-Linear Design), Emerging Learning and Technology Division, Association of Educational Communications and Technology (AECT).
  • Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship, Honorable mention (
  • Graduate Student Association (GSA) Student Travel Grant North Carolina State University. This covered part of my expenses for attending and presenting at the 2017 AECT conference.

Roberts, Charlotte

  • Graduate Research Symposium Winner in the Education category.

Tharrington, Karen

  • Graduate Student Association Award for Conferences

Vehabovic, Nermin

  • International Youth Library Fellowship, Munich, Germany
  • As part of the North Carolina State University Literacy Space initiative, graduate students enrolled in the K-12 Reading: New Literacies and Global Learning program to conduct evening tutoring sessions at a partner elementary school. Dr. Dennis Davis has initiated this program with our partner school, where I serve as an assistant and collaborate with him.

White, Angela

  • Graduate Research Symposium Winner in the Education category.

Yuan, Chang

  • National 2017 J. Estill Alexander Future Leaders in Literacy Award from the Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers (ALER) for her research on reading like an economist.
  • Excellence in Graduate Teaching Award, North Carolina State University, 2017, March Teaching Assistant, North Carolina State University, 2016-2017