2014 Awards and High-Impact Work

Featured TELS Student Work & Awards

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Presentations by Master’s Students in 2014

Adrienne Berg and Clarice Moran made presentations at NCETA October 2014

Clarice Moran made presentation at NCTE, Philadelphia, Nov. 2014

June Hurt made presentation at Literacy Conference in Pskov, Russia, spring 2014

June Hurt made research presentation for ECI 508 Teachers as Leaders

Patrick Beymer & Julia Weaver (Ed Pysch) gave research presentations at NC-ACTE conference, September 2014 

Publications by Master’s Students in 2014

June Hart, co-author on https://www.publicschoolsfirstnc.org/ Public School First NC
“UNC Scandal & Literacy Levels: Racism, Relationships and Reading Instruction”

Awards to Master’s Students in 2014

June Hart received Moshakis award for graduate study

Jesse Gore received the Martorella Scholarship 

Presentations by Doctoral Students in 2014

Five doctoral students made presentations at the March 2014 Graduate Research Symposium (Meghan Liebfreund, Marcus Green, Hannah Baggett, Ryan Kapa, Shuan Kellogg)

One doctoral student (Liz Saylor Laudano) presented at the annual meeting of the Southeastern Women’s Studies Association Conference, Wilmington, NC.

Three doctoral students presented at NCETA-Raleigh, October 2014 (Abbey Graham, Clarice Moran, & Justin Richards)

Five doctoral students presented at the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) 2014 – Boston, MA (Evan Long, Seth Brown, Liz Saylor Laudano, Crystal Simmons, and Stephen Day)

One doctoral student (Thomas Wolfe) presented at the North Carolina Middle Level Educators Conference, Greensboro, North Carolina; and also at the Field Services Alliance Conference, NC Museum of History, Raleigh, North Carolina.

Five doctoral students presented at Literacy Research Association conference, Marco Island, FL December 2014. (Abbey Graham and Shea Kerkhoff presented a poster; Jill Jones, Meghan Liebfreund, Shea Kerkhoff and Melissa Pendleton delivered papers.)

Five doctoral students made presentations at AERA-Philadelphia, April 2014 (Hannah Carson Baggett, Melissa Bartlett, Clarice Moran, Crystal Simmons.)

Two doctoral students (Shea Kerkhoff & Abbey Graham) presented papers at the Global Education Conference, online, Nov. 2014.

One doctoral student (Shea Kerkhoff) made a presentation at the North Carolina Reading Conference, Raleigh, NC, March 2014.

Two doctoral students (Shea Kerkhoff and Abbey Graham) helped Dr. Spires design the Disciplinary Literacy for Deeper Learning MOOC-Ed, which launched September 2014.

Publications by Doctoral Students in 2014

Conradi, K., Amendum, S.J., & Liebreund, M.D. (accepted).  Examining variance in comprehension success for students in a high-poverty setting. Reading & Writing Quarterly.

Jang, B.G., Conradi, K., McKenna, M.C., & Jones, J.S. (accepted). Motivation: Approaching an elusive concept through the factors that shape it. The Reading Teacher.

Saylor, E., & Kerkhoff, S. (2014).Change is the only constant: Beginning teacher perceptions of implementing the Common Core. Current Issues in Education, 17(3).

Spires, H., Zheng, M., & Bartlett, M. (in press). Digital gameplay: Effects on young adolescents’ science content learning. In K. Malu & M.B. Schaefer, (Eds.), Research on teaching and learning with the literacies of young adolescents (Vol. 10). Handbook of research in middle level education. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Spires, H., Kerkhoff, S., Graham, A., & Lee, J. (2014). Relating inquiry to disciplinary literacy: A pedagogical approach. Friday Institute for Educational Innovation. Raleigh, NC: NC State University.

Young, C.A., Pendleton, M., Conradi, K., & Liebfreund, M. D. (2014). Texts, technology, and the Common Core: 21st Century book reports. Pennsylvania Reads, 13 (1), 42-46.

Awards to Doctoral Students in 2014

Meghan Liebfreund won first place in Education Division for her poster at the NC State Graduate Research Symposium, March 2014

In 2014, doctoral student (Jeffrey Grenier) was selected for Borchardt fellowship to study abroad in England, Writing and Technology

Martorella Scholarship was awarded to Seth Brown (PhD)

Melissa Bartlett and Mary Wells received CED Dissertation Proposal Awards

Shea Kerkhoff received The William & Ida Friday Doctoral Research Support Award (2014)