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NC State University’s The Innovation Project (TIP) Leadership Academy

Project Team:

Sponsor: NC Alliance for School Leadership Development

Project Total: $4,141,493


NCSU is partnering with three school districts, Greene, Lenoir, and Wilson Counties, to create the TIP Leadership Academy (TLA) and deliver a customized two-year Master of School Administration (MSA).  The NCSU MSA is a non-traditional principal preparation program designed to be a solution to the stubborn, recurring problem of recruiting and retaining effective leaders for historically low-performing schools.  TLA graduates will make a three-year, post-degree commitment to work in local high-need schools, thus, providing a robust leadership pipeline and succession plan for the three TIP districts. The program will select Fellows through a rigorous selection process and then prepare principals through a context-specific, experiential program, which requires participants to demonstrate their leadership skills through solving authentic school problems with the support of executive coaches. Program experiences are customized to focus on turnaround principles for low- performing, high-poverty schools and communities.