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Tracey Collins

Project Coordinator, MISO Project

Friday Institute 215



Tracey Collins is the Project Coordinator for the MISO Project.  Responsibilities include implementing activities of the project, coordinating efforts among K-12 science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) outreach programs, and working closely with university enrollment management and data management professionals at The Friday Institute. She works closely with large and small STEM outreach groups like The Science House, the Kenan Fellows Program, and the Engineering Place as well as small, individual-PI groups offering K-12 outreach to teachers and students.  More specifically, Ms. Collins assists with planning, implementing, managing, and reporting of project activities which include survey development, coordination of data collection, interfacing with data managers, coordination of quarterly meetings of outreach providers to gather feedback, identify best practices, and disseminating findings to stakeholders. In addition, she assists with annual report writing and conference presentations. Prior to working at NC State, Ms. Collins was the  Online Learning Project Manager for NC TEACH and Project Coordinator for NC TEACH II at the UNC Center for School Leadership Development.  Key responsibilities there included the development, implementation, teaching, and assessment of the NC TEACH OnLine Program, NC TEACH II, and program website.

Research Description

MISO (Maximizing the Impact of STEM Outreach Through Data Driven Assessment) is a North Carolina State University campus-wide project funded by the National Science Foundation (Grant No. DRL 1038154). This project seeks to determine the collective STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) impact of the university through its pre-college outreach and extension programs. The MISO project has several goals and objectives. The MISO project team works to creatively integrate NC’s longitudinal student and staff databases with an innovative approach to evaluation across NC State’s K-12 STEM education outreach programs, particularly those funded by NSF. A critical part of this project is the longitudinal assessment of participant outcomes through development and collection of common STEM Outreach Evaluation Protocols and indicators of success. The project will define valid survey methods and measurable outcomes for both teachers and students involved in STEM outreach that can also be utilized, duplicated and shared in the future by any STEM outreach project.


Graduate Diploma in Journalism from Murdoch University; Perth, Australia in 1993
Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Murdoch University; Perth, Australia in 1992