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Karen Keene

Associate Professor Emerita of Mathematics Education

Research Description

Dr. Keene is an Associate Professor of Mathematics Education. Her research interested lie in two primary arenas. First, she conducts research in undergraduate mathematics education, primarily concerning differential equations teaching and learning. She focuses on how students learn to conceptually understand solutions to first order differential equations and systems of differential equations. Additionally she researches the social construction of mathematical meaning in undergraduate classrooms and more recently how to support instructors’ instructional change in their classes. Her second area of research is studying secondary teacher education. She studies teachers content knowledge and how that connects to their teaching and curriculum development.


Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics Education from Purdue University in 2006
Master of Arts in Mathematics from Butler University in 1978
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Butler University in 1975

Curriculum Vitae


Selected Scholarly Publications

  • Keene, K, Fortune, N, & Hall, W. (in review).
  • Rasmussen, C., & Keene, K. (2015). Software tools that do more with less. Mathematics TODAY, 51(6), 282-285.
  • Keene, K.A. (2007). A characterization of dynamic reasoning: Reasoning with time as parameter, Journal of Mathematical Behavior
  • Kwon, O. N., Rasmussen, C., & Allen, K. (2005). Students’ retention of knowledge and skills in differential equations. School Science and Mathematics, 105(5), 227-239.
  • Rasmussen, C., Stephan, M., & Allen, K. (2004). Classroom Mathematical Practices and Gesturing. Journal of Mathematical Behavior, 23. 301-323.

Courses Taught

  • EMS 472 
  • EMS 711 
  • EMS 704 
  • EMS 581 
  • ED 731 

Research Areas