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Ann Duffy Harrington

Teaching Associate Professor, Reading Education

Poe Hall 317J


Dr. Ann Harrington, a former elementary school classroom, ESL, and reading teacher, is a Teaching Associate Professor in the Department of Teacher Education and Learning Sciences in the College of Education at North Carolina State University. Prior to her work at NC State, she served on the faculty at UNC-Greensboro and UNC-Chapel Hill. She earned her Ph.D. in Reading Education from the University of Georgia. Ann’s scholarly interests focus on optimal literacy environments and structures for diverse, striving readers; reading teacher education; and teaching in high-poverty elementary schools.

Selected Scholarly Publications

  • Ivey, M.G., Harrington, A.D., & Baumann, J.F. (2014, May). Reflections on 93 years of teaching literacy to children, adults, and teacher education students: Epiphanies and recurring themes. Symposium presented at the 59th Annual Conference of the International Reading Association Conference, New Orleans, LA.
  • Parsons, S. & Harrington, A. (2009). Following the script. Phi Delta Kappan, 90 (10), 748-750.
  • Massey, D., & Duffy, A. (2004). The learning and perceptions of teacher researchers and facilitators in a literacy-focused, teacher-research course: A content analysis of system, learner, and spheres of influence. Journal of Literacy Research, 35 (4), 1019-1050.
  • Duffy, A., Anderson, J., Durham, C., Erickson, A., Guion, C., Ingram, M., Kirkpatrick, M., Kreger, K. Lambert, S., Lloyd, M., Reeder, H., & Sink, W. (2003). Responding to the rhetoric: professional educators’ perspectives on reading instruction. The Reading Teacher, 56 (7), 684-686
  • Duffy, A.M., & Atkinson, T. (2001). Learning to teach struggling (and non-struggling) elementary school readers: An analysis of preservice teachers’ knowledges. Reading Research and Instruction, 41, 83-102
  • Duffy, A.M. (2001). Balance, literacy acceleration, and responsive teaching in a summer school literacy program for struggling readers. Reading Research and Instruction, 40, 67-100
  • Baumann, J.F., & Duffy, A.M. (2001). Teacher-researcher methodology: Themes, variations, and possibilities. The Reading Teacher. 54, 608-615
  • Baumann, J. F., & Duffy-Hester, A. M. (2000). Making sense of classroom worlds: Methodology in teacher research. In M. L. Kamil, P. B. Mosenthal, P. D. Pearson, & R. Barr (Eds.), Handbook of Reading Research (Vol. 3) (pp. 77-98). Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum
  • Baumann, J.F., Hoffman, J.V., Duffy-Hester, A.M., & Moon, J.S. (2000). The First R yesterday and today: U.S. elementary reading instruction practices reported by teachers and administrators. Reading Research Quarterly, 35, 338-377
  • Duffy-Hester, A. M. (1999). Teaching struggling readers in elementary classrooms: A review of classroom reading programs and principles for instruction. The Reading Teacher 52, 480-495
  • Stahl, S. A., Duffy-Hester, A. M., & Stahl, K. A. D. (1998). Everything you wanted to know about phonics (but were afraid to ask). Reading Research Quarterly, 33, 338-355

Courses Taught

  •  Elementary Reading Methods
  •  Reading Diagnosis and Assessment
  •  Reading Clinic
  •  Children’s Literature
  •  Reading Research and Theory
  •  Teacher as Researcher
  •  Language Arts Education
  •  Writing Instruction in the Elementary and Middle Grades
  •  Research and Programs in Reading Education
  •  Explorations in Literacy
  •  Content Area Literacy
  •  Emergent Literacy
  •  Targeted Literacy Assessment and Instruction

Honors and Awards

  • Nominee, NC State University “Chancellor’s Creating Community Award”
  • Nominee, NC State University College of Education Outstanding Teaching Award
  • NC State University “Thank A Teacher” recipient


Doctor of Philosophy Reading Education University of Georgia

Master of Education Reading Education University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Bachelor of Arts Early Childhood Education University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill